Step 3: Dry Jar Lid

If you applied an inside foil, then you need some way to connect that little bolt to the inner coating. I like to use bead chain for this, attaching one end to the bolt with metal tape. Then, just put the lid on and let the bead chain dangle down to the inside foil. You need one last thing for this jar.
<strong>Update #2</strong> HOLY COW! I just got a 2&quot; spark off this thing after charging like forever. It was awesome.<br/>
Charged with what? 2 in is like... a lot of volts lol, forgot how much...
if i remember right its something like 1kV per cm spark through air but i'm not sure if thats right<br />
&nbsp;30kv/cm for relatively dry air at sea level air pressure, IIRC. Interesting to see people are still looking at this old instructable..
On that day, I charged it with regular old 3/4" PVP pipe, rough paper towel, and I think an old, cleaned sock over the paper towel. It was exceptionally dry in the air that day too.
Can you charge these with the circuit from a disposable camera? I'm guessing so, I just haven't seen anyone else ask this question.
It isn't important, i'm building a small VdG, will take about 30mins or so, i'm just wondering :P
how exactly does one charge it??
A old crt screen or tv works well as well. Takes the effort out XD
Might work for others, the TV/CRT's I have don;t seem to hold a charge that well. Turning it on the first time works, but on/off after that gets nothing..
Re-read the last step. It tells you how.
okay go up there and edit your text: "They will KILL YOU if you aren't careful"...then you go to say "These smaller jars aren't deadly"... Any leyden jar is dangerous and has the potential to kill you. ALL Leyden jars should be treated as though they are fully charged.
awesome I never knew they were built like this! a great way to charge this thing would to bring it to a mc' donnalds and put it next to a plastic slide when kids are going down. lol that might get you quite a spark.
Cool! Great instructions, photos are <em>amazingly clear</em>, great job.<br/>
Thanks! My camera was performing quite well today for some reason. I took several different versions of each shot, flash/no flash, longer exposure, ect and then picked the best ones. =)<br/>
<strong>Update!</strong> That round top terminal is more important than I realized. This refurbished jar (the one shown in instructions) outperforms the water-filled one because of the smoothness of the bolt, and can store a spark almost an inch long! The other jar can, at most, get 1/2&quot;. Big difference.<br/><br/>I'll have to try graphite coated ping-pong balls like <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.alaska.net/~natnkell/staticgen.htm">here</a> some time...<br/>
Very nice, and thanks for the credit!<br/><br/><sub>It's <em>Leyden</em>, by the way</sub><br/>
Ah, I had a suspicion it was spelled that way. Thanks!
Great!!! Nice, easy to follow instructions, clear and complete!!!
Thanks! =D<br/>

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