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I was bored so I decided to build a knex truck. It has 2 guns mounted on it but they don't work that great so are more for looks. I had to take the pictures with the webcam on my laptop so the quality isn't very good but if I get a digital camera I will take some better ones.


sebergast (author)2009-06-14

jeej holland 'oranje' was dat tijdens het wk?

therandomperson (author)2008-09-12

u must ov went 2 holland coz u av der flag on ur top

XI3 (author)2008-08-29

eh the quality of ur webcams not as bad as you make it seem. its not all pixelated at least. it does look like you are in a loony bin tho lol, jk. everything behind you is like perfectly white, it looks like the walls in a funny farm lol.

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