My tube! Stereo sub woofer speakers for i-pod and mp3 second version(with batteries and USB charger)

Picture of My tube! Stereo sub woofer speakers for i-pod and mp3 second version(with batteries and USB charger)
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My quarter realization is a complicated more of precedent but it is not null of difficult to realize.
Draft of two self powered cases stereo to batteries reloadable with possibility to recharge the i-pod
through a taken USB fed from the same batteries.
These can be very useful in camping,to the sea and also in house for being free from cables of feeding.Regarding the form me it appealed to this form 'post modern'.slender as if the cases of residual the war ones were penetrated in the land,or, however they gave that sense of accidental that it appeals to me.

Step 1: The tube

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The container consist in a  P.V.C.heavy tube.
In order to create the slender form I have executed a cut of 45? ,with the aid of one level laser (but it is not sure the only possible way).

hey cool project but is there is any alternative for the amplifier??? its not possible for me to afford.....

torx (author)  sanju.ghosh.18068 months ago
Thank you for your approval.
I don't think you can give up the amp because it is the core of the system; keep in mind that I had "withdrawn" from a radio-stereo recorder I had found in a landfill.
happy new year and good job
ajparag5 years ago
congratulations for successfully completing your instructable. i really like it.
i want to know how can i get an amplifier like this which works on DC power. what are the sources other than a portable radio? if u can solve this problem it will be gr8 help.
torx (author)  ajparag5 years ago
Thank you for your compliments;You can be clearer in your question please? You want to use a source of signal other than the MP3?
ajparag torx5 years ago
i want to know where did you get this circuit from? can u post a picture of the radio or can u elaborate more on it?
i dont have such a radio at home so i want to know from where can i get an amplifying circuit.
torx (author)  ajparag5 years ago
Or the project member "Rendydevara"
torx (author)  ajparag5 years ago
I don't know if you have knowledge of electronics but you can use the LM386 chip that has sufficient power, if you look at Kirbsome's tutorial! on this site you will have a step-by-step explanation of how to run the circuit that, if you like you can do twice and pair to have the stereo amplifier.
Berserk875 years ago
lots of pictures, lots of detail, includes schematic for wiring, and a nice looking results. 5/5. I was expecting another guide on how to solder a headphone cables to a speaker, and not use an amp.
torx (author)  Berserk875 years ago
My guide watches on the first version of my cases; thanks for compliment.
Berserk87 torx5 years ago
there are two suggestions i have if you plan on making a new/improved version. 1. lithium ion batterys, they cost more then normal batterys, but they can put out more power and they have much higher capacity. 2. your 5V regulator (the LM7805) could be replaced with a buck regulator. the LM7805's waste the extra power you have as heat, to get that 5V output, if you used a buck regulator (DC-DC converter) you could get ~95% efficiency. it would cost probably $7 instead of the $1 on the lm7805, but you could run your speakers for longer. if you included those two improvements im sure your speakers could run for a significant time longer, plus lithium ions can discharge a lot more amps than the other batterys, which means you could use a much more powerful amp for just as long :)
torx (author)  Berserk875 years ago
All and the two things are a sure improvement of the autonomy of the system, but mine it is a simple and economic plan, in a word more " scratching". Thanks of the contribution; of it I will hold sure account in the next realizations.
Da Nugesta torx5 years ago
you don't make sense did u use a translator???????? :)
torx : "I make excuses myself for my lame English."