The Best Survival Kit Ever





Introduction: The Best Survival Kit Ever

I'm going to show you how to make a inexpensive waterproof survival kit for a budget of $20-$30.
You may notice that I don't have a compass, that's because there are other ways of finding north.

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need
3 cotton balls( fire tinder)
Cable saw (easily sawing branches that are in the way or to make a shelter)
flint and striker( for starting fires)
Matches( waterproof, only use as a last resort)
Leatherman squirt or other compact multitool(useful to have)
backup blade (if an other blade breaks)
al foil (cooking, collecting water)
space blanket (warmth and shelter)
paper (writing on to keep up morale)
pencil (writing on the paper)
band aids patching up pesky cuts and as a patch-up tool)
Torch (seeing in the dark, signalling)
whistle( signalling)
nails of assorted sizes (shelter building, attach to stick for spear)
teabags (to make tea, duh)
3-5m of paracord (obvious uses, tying stuff together)
Not shown:
Duct tape
seatosummit waterproof bag

Step 2: Pack It Up!

Now all you needs to do is pack it up
i found that a1l sistema 'clip it' container works best, and it's waterproof !
I packed mine up with the al foil at the top for easy signaling
so now your set, and good luck with the fight for survival!


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    Alex 2Q made it!


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This is my first insructible so tell me if you see any mistakes

nah dude you did a good job. no worries!

Maybe a small mirror would be good to include - for signalling. I want to make some of these - one for the car, one for my backpack, maybe for stocking stuffers. How much foil do you include? Where do you get the cable saw? How do you include duct tape?

he used allumiun foil for that. and it is a good idea to do that because if you used a mirror it could shatter knowing full well that it is glass. alluminum foil is also cheaper and more resillient. it can also be used for cooking.

Great start. If I may, I would suggest a few things. The cable saw will snap right off the rings the first or second time you use it. Take it out and give it a try, they almost always do. And if you roll your cotton balls in patrolleum jelly it'll increase your burn time by like 3 minutes. Apologies if I've overstepped my bounds, just wanted to give you some hints :)

yeah sounds like a good idea.

Great idea about the cotton balls.

What type of knife is that


Can you tell us, what is the short black cord item, with the orange clip?

And, what is the Redheads item?

Also, what is in the little white and purple containers?

Thanks very much.