My Version of Huskers Nerf Paper Crossbow- the Slayve Driver




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Introduction: My Version of Huskers Nerf Paper Crossbow- the Slayve Driver

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This is my version of Huskers nerf paper crossbow. I call it the Slayve Driver (custom spelling). It has a stock, a foregrip, colors, and tons of ammo storage space. If you want an instructible just ask.



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    Well it's a crossbow, so I'd say maybe 1 dart every 2-3 seconds.

    I'd like a step by step instruct able if you can please

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    Ok, but it may be a while. It takes a lot of time to make this, and I have other projects im currently working on, but don't worry, I will make one. I added it to my to do list. :)

    About 2.5 ft long with a 30-40 foot range.

    i have a nerf paper cross bow too. the only problem with mine its more like a bow, you have to hold it but it goes around 35 to 40 feet

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