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Way back when my maternal grandmother made salmon croqutes for family gatherings and they were always a huge success, siblings would fight over the golden brown eggs of heavenly delight. Grandmom deepfried hers, fast forward to the 1980's and my mom would make the croqutes but she baked them, the color was a little different but the taste was still there. Both mom and Grandmom used canned pink salmon which if anyone has priced it lately is expen$$ive and it was tedious picking out the bones and discolored parts ! Now you can get pink salmon in foil packs, no bones and evenly colored flesh. Our local grocery store recently had the packs on sale 10 for $10 and I couldn't pass THAT up !

Step 1: Gathering the Makings

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Mom and Grandmom used celery, I don't really like celery so I left it out, you can add it back in if you want, I also added in some of my pepper relish

 You'll need a couple of packages of pink salmon ( you can use the canned of course)
 green peppers and onions
 a couple eggs
 bread crumbs (store bought is fine, I was out so made my own from crackers and white wheat bread)
 a little olive oil or what ever oil you cook with (not shown)

Step 2: 1

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combine your diced peppers and onions in a bowl with a little oil, salt and pepper, microwave until tender, you can of course do this on the stovetop but why dirty another pan ? I stuck them in the freezer for a couple of minutes to cool and then added some pepper relish 

Step 3: 2

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while the peppers and onions are cooking and cooling make up your breadcrumbs bby placing the crackers and bread in a food processor, don't laugh at my mini processor !!! it does a great for smaller jobs ! your going to need about 2cups altogether

Step 4: 3

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here's where the fun starts, open your 3 packs of salmon and dump in the bowl of peppers and onions add in an your eggs (only one shown but I used 2) and one cup of bread crumbs and mix with a fork, breaking up the salmon but not to finely, you may need to add more breadcrumbs, your looking for a moist but not wet mix

Step 5: 4

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form your croqutes, I made them about the size of a large goose egg but you can make them any size from bitesize on up and any shape. Roll the formed croqute in more bread crumbs and place on a foil lined and sprayer or greased pan

Step 6: 5

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bake at 350 for 30 to 40minutes until lightly browned and firm to the touch, you can flip the croqutes after 20minutes to give a more equal browning, I unfortunately waited to long

Step 7: 6

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Although these are good while warm, they are even better (at least in my opinion) cold. Serve with ketchup(catsup) for dipping or for an extra zing of flavor make a horseradish and ketchup(catsup) coctail sauce


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