My Version of the Dunkis' UMP 45 With Auto Reset Pin Pull





Introduction: My Version of the Dunkis' UMP 45 With Auto Reset Pin Pull

Hi all, I haven't posted anything recently because of summer stuff. I finally got back to my knex today and remembered that The Dunkis had wanted someone to make a realistic stock and post it. So I did. I also changed some other things on the gun as well. The stock is unproportionate to the real one I know.

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Today I took Oblivious' concept of an auto reset pin pull and jacked it onto my UMP. It now shoots 15 feet with one #64 band and 35 feet with 2 #64 bands.I had to change the stock a bit but it still is realistic.



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    is it okay if i use the mag i really dont want a mag pusher to ruin the good looks of this gun

    I think you should aks the builder. I didn't make this

    So what's this auto-reset pin? I can't find Oblivitus' concept on it for some reason, but if it's from Oblivitus then I am interested.

    ...So it's just something that you pull the ram back with?

    Yes, but the idea was that it was supposed to allow the pin to remain inside the gun even when cocked so that nothing would be sticking out the back.