Step 3: Making the Table Top

I found the centre of the plank (500mm) and then offered up the saw. I lined up the centre bolt with the centre mark and then marked out the extents of the blade mechanism. This material was then removed with a tenon saw. My jigsaw is in storage with most of my other shop tools but I think the tenon saw did a better job.
When the piece was removed I offered up the second top plank to mark out how much needed rebating off it to allow the blade to sit down. Finally the saw is in place
<p>Good idea - thanks for manual, I made myself :-) But I have some different fixing of the saw</p>
Thanx a lot. This is what you inspired.
This is great, well done. I am currently doing another one, this time for a saw fence
I just want to thank everyone for commenting and to Instructables for the membership. Awesome.<br>I am looking forward to posting some of my other projects,
I think it would/could be a bit safer if your 'blade' cut out made room for the guard to come up when you are not cutting. Looks pretty dangerous without a useable guard.
Yes I did consider trying to utilise the guard but it would either have meant butchering the guard or opening the slot to 25mm. As the wood needed to be 20mm thick on one of the cuts I worried that the wood may dig in and jam on the blade. Ultimately I used what I had as safely as I could but I do understand your concern
I need to do this in reverse. Can you post an instructable on how to convert a table saw into a handheld circular saw?<br><br>Just kidding! Great instructable. Love to see this kind of ingenuity mated with good sense and attention to detail.
My version of this has a radial arm saw on the other side.
yes but how do you adjust the blade height ?&hellip;
The saw has adjustable depth lever, which can be accessed by placing the table on its side. <br>
Man do I need to do this. Thanks for taking the time to post this.
great work, very cool

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