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In this instructable I'm showing the pictures of my own cryptex... I followed the steps from "How To Make a Cryptex" from this link: made by merijnvw.

I'm just posting this so that you can see that you can change any instructable to make it your own and use different tools (you can make almost anything even if all you had was a kitchen knife!!!

Step 1: Tools Used

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Here are to tools I used, you can use you own imagination to make yours!

One thing missing... lots of sand paper!!!!

Step 2: Materials Needed

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The materials used for this project are:

4 tubes that fit into each other... the two smallest ones metal the other too either way.

Lots of imagination...

Step 3: Puting It Together!

Picture of Puting It Together!

The pictures show the steps...

Step 4: Final Product

Picture of Final Product

Here is how mine looks


asocial (author)2011-12-15


Pushan Panda (author)2011-01-04

This is absolutely brilliant Thnx a lot.

myckro (author)Pushan Panda2011-01-04

Thank you

antonia27 (author)2011-01-01

i had a lot of difficulty with the step where you cement the smaller ring of pvc pipe into the larger one. the cement wouldn't go that even and it was gloppy and wouldn't stick to the pipes (even though it was supposed to be designed for pvc). i came up with an alternate way that is more effective/non-messy. very few things stick to pvc pipe, but duct tape does, so i lined the inside of the large ring and the outside of the smaller ring with duct tape then superglued a rubber band clamp ( a really thick rubber band that happens to fit perfectly between the two pipes) into the crevice. it came out perfectly and my cryptex is gorgeous and works very well. i hope this helps for anyone getting discouraged on that step

myckro (author)antonia272011-01-02

Thank you for your comment.... we want to see some pictures when you are done!

Kaelessin (author)2010-07-28

Hey! I liked your idea so much that I ported it over to an all copper design. Had to do some tweaking to make it work properly but enjoyed what I feel great results!

Here is mine.

Thanks for this ible!

myckro (author)Kaelessin2010-07-28

WOW, looks awesome!!! keep up the good work!! post more pictures of the process if you have any... Thank you for sharing!

antonia27 (author)2010-03-30

What kind of filling did you use between your two largest pipes? I bought PVC pipes which are extremely hard to stick together and have them stay that way 

myckro (author)antonia272010-03-31

I don't know what it is called but it's the one that you mix two together then it hardens after 10 minutes.... I hope this helps!

johnnymendez (author)2010-03-18

 on your 13th pic - you talk about space where the tithe goes. what is that space used for?

myckro (author)johnnymendez2010-03-18

that is the gap where the tithes slide when you are searching for the letter... hope you can make your own!!! good luck!

johnnymendez (author)2010-03-18

 are the black lines that go around painted on or are they tubing glued in place?
This really looks amazing

myckro (author)johnnymendez2010-03-18

I painted the rings (made of tubing) black, then I glued the letters... I measured the perimeter then on word I used the ruler to make a table that long... then printed it out and it worked perfect...

strontzakj (author)2009-12-25

Very nice! I like the black balls at the end of the cryptex very much! Were did you get them? I think I am going to make a cryptex like this tomorrow. But are the tithes really hard to make?

strontzakj (author)strontzakj2009-12-31

I have made also a cryptex. This is my cryptex:

myckro (author)strontzakj2009-12-25

Hi there, thanx, You can get the balls at any hardware store, this are wood ones (actually used for curtains). Nothis is hard to make if you have the tools :-D I recommend buying a lot of filling since everything has to fit nice together. Good luck! and post some pics when you are done!!! (It took me 3 days to make and paint).

keywii (author)2009-10-01

End product looks amazing. What size are the pipes, and where did you get them?

myckro (author)keywii2009-10-01

Thank you... well the pipes... I don't really know the sizes I just went around trying pipes that would fit into each other... two metal ones (small ones) and two plastic ones (bigger ones)... you can get them at home depot... or any hardware store! good luck!!

golddigger1559 (author)2009-09-24

the perfect combination of form and function 10/10!!

myckro (author)golddigger15592009-09-26

Well, I'm glad you like it! thank you...

golddigger1559 (author)myckro2009-09-26

i also like how you increased the number of dials making the pass word more difficult to decode

myckro (author)golddigger15592009-09-27

Youp, over 5.500.000 different possibilities... I choose the word I wanted since it was a gift for my girlfriend... then I just made it... I also had a few friends try to open it the way you open a bike lock and they couldn't since it's almost impossible to feel the "click" since the rings are tight to each other and that's what holds them together... the teeth slide trough without even touching the rings....

golddigger1559 (author)myckro2009-09-29

congrats i cant wait till i have mine made

flaco1 (author)2009-09-23

Very nice Cryptex. I am inspired to try and make one myself : )

myckro (author)flaco12009-09-26

Thanx, I say go for it then post some pictures!!!

speedcubing (author)2009-09-05

ne ho costruito uno uguale e devo dire he funziona molto bene

akwillis (author)2009-08-27

what did you use to make the tithes?

myckro (author)akwillis2009-09-03

it was just a piece of metal I had laying around... I cut the tube on the side and I made it fit inside... then I used welding glue. You can see it in picture 9... for the tithes I made them with the metal grinder... I hope this was helpful.

speedcubing (author)2009-08-25

very good job

myckro (author)speedcubing2009-08-26


mikepwilburn (author)2009-08-15

The grammar in this thing sucks.

myckro (author)mikepwilburn2009-08-23

Sorry English is not my first language... I hope you like it anyway...

merijnvw (author)2009-07-29

cool!! You made it very much like mine with limited tools so very good job! Of course your handles on the side are different but that is your own interpretation. Good images. thanks for posting this you were worried about your Instructable not being findable with the search bar, but that was only when you just posted it. The Instructable first needs to be indexed in the search database before you can search for it, and now it is, just search for 'cryptex' and you find yours.

myckro (author)merijnvw2009-07-29

Yes, when I saw yours I thought I could make one... that's why I put a link to yours in there. Nice work!

Tebylife (author)2009-07-28

Está wenísimo!!!

noseque (author)2009-07-25

Nice, I like it!!!

myckro (author)2009-07-24

I hope I posted this right... I can't find it when I search for it...

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