My Very Own Cryptex





Introduction: My Very Own Cryptex

In this instructable I'm showing the pictures of my own cryptex... I followed the steps from "How To Make a Cryptex" from this link: made by merijnvw.

I'm just posting this so that you can see that you can change any instructable to make it your own and use different tools (you can make almost anything even if all you had was a kitchen knife!!!

Step 1: Tools Used

Here are to tools I used, you can use you own imagination to make yours!

One thing missing... lots of sand paper!!!!

Step 2: Materials Needed

The materials used for this project are:

4 tubes that fit into each other... the two smallest ones metal the other too either way.

Lots of imagination...

Step 3: Puting It Together!

The pictures show the steps...

Step 4: Final Product

Here is how mine looks



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This is absolutely brilliant Thnx a lot.

Thank you

i had a lot of difficulty with the step where you cement the smaller ring of pvc pipe into the larger one. the cement wouldn't go that even and it was gloppy and wouldn't stick to the pipes (even though it was supposed to be designed for pvc). i came up with an alternate way that is more effective/non-messy. very few things stick to pvc pipe, but duct tape does, so i lined the inside of the large ring and the outside of the smaller ring with duct tape then superglued a rubber band clamp ( a really thick rubber band that happens to fit perfectly between the two pipes) into the crevice. it came out perfectly and my cryptex is gorgeous and works very well. i hope this helps for anyone getting discouraged on that step

Thank you for your comment.... we want to see some pictures when you are done!

Hey! I liked your idea so much that I ported it over to an all copper design. Had to do some tweaking to make it work properly but enjoyed what I feel great results!

Here is mine.

Thanks for this ible!

WOW, looks awesome!!! keep up the good work!! post more pictures of the process if you have any... Thank you for sharing!

What kind of filling did you use between your two largest pipes? I bought PVC pipes which are extremely hard to stick together and have them stay that way 

I don't know what it is called but it's the one that you mix two together then it hardens after 10 minutes.... I hope this helps!

 on your 13th pic - you talk about space where the tithe goes. what is that space used for?