Introduction: My Wallpaper From the 80's...... 60's..... and 40's!

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So, my mom is walking up the stairs today, and noticed that the wall paper in the hallway is falling off. she checks it out, folds it over, and there was this really nice wallpaper of people cutting wood, a school house, children, and a few other things. She figures it was from about the mid sixties. then, she folds that layer over, and theres another layer of flower printed wallpaper that my grandmma says is probably from the forties!


multiplecats (author)2009-03-06

This seems to me like it'd be better off on your blog instead of Instructables, unless you're going to actually teach us something - like how to remove one of the layers, for instance, while keeping another intact. Otherwise, this doesn't belong here.

Arbitror (author)multiplecats2009-03-18

Instructables is the worlds biggest show and tell. You can instruct people on how to do things, or just show off your neat projects, or your house's wallpaper.

ItsTheHobbs (author)multiplecats2009-03-06

This is a slideshow. I'm pretty sure its ok... I don't even have a blog...

Wolf Seril (author)2009-02-25

Haha nice.

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