I made one, but my wife insisted that she needed more storage for her shoes?!!!

Alright, wife’s request is the command; and another shoe cabinet was put on drafting table.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

I like the bold look of cabinets made of thick boards but that would cost me a lot of money for material. So I go with the ¾” (18mm) thick ply wood. And the 50mm wide planks are used as cabinet face frame.

Material that I used:

1. 18mm ply wood board

2. 50mm plank


1. Kreg jig

2. Hand tools

3. Screws & sand paper

My cabinet dimensions are: W400mmxD350mmxH1200mm, so my boards are cut into:

1. 2ea x 35mm x 1200mm (side panels)

2. 6ea x 332mm x 364mm (shelving)

3. 1ea x 350mm x 364mm (top panel)

<p>Great plans, just what I was hoping to find for my shoe loving adult daughter's collection!</p>
<p>Really nice! I can't wait til I have more room - I want something like this. Right now we've got all our shoes piled in a storage bin in the closet. :P</p>
<p>Thanks for the nice comment. :)</p>

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