My Wooden Bed Bench





Introduction: My Wooden Bed Bench

This is my wooden bed bench, its made from one old bed that was going to waste. Nothing else was used accept screws,the back is the head frame of the bed along with the back legs of the bed, the front is the front legs of the bed, the sides is the sides of the bed and the actual seat is the beams accross the bed. its basically a bed but every thing cut down to shape to make a bed. Please vote and any questions comment or email me at



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    If you plan to use this as a bed, what would you use as padding to make it comfortable? By the way, you got my vote.

    Well thanks for voting, but I never planned to acctually sleep on it as it was made from a bed in to a bench however if I decided to sleep on it I would probally us the inner of a quilt and sleep in a cotton sleeping bag as they are very thick and cosy. Thanks

    Simple and elegant - it got my vote

    Thanks mate, have you seen my wooden car house?

    Nice job; I may do something similar with a couple of old single bed heads I have laying around looking for a new lease of life.

    hay, thanks could you rate and vote for me