My Wooden Car House


Introduction: My Wooden Car House

This is my car house, it took me around 5 days to build, it is made out of wood, nails and one hinge. It is quite big, it has two garages, one is big and has a lift up door using a hinge, the other one beside it is about half the size without a door. at the back it has car spaces and in the corner it has a confind space to put spare parts. Its got a border around it and has a way in out out. You can fit many cars in there. It is very easy to make so if you have any questions please email me at or just comment, Thanks.



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    Please vote for this project as i spent a long time on it and i would be very greatful if you did.Thanks.

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    hi, i like this wooden car house as well, could you tell me how to vote for him please.

    how did you see my wooden car house? because when i look on all entries i can't find it

    i mean could u vote for me please

    Thanks, cold you vote for me please