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About: Tsc stands for totallysupercreaitve. Please if you like what I make follow me! I like riding any thing with a engine or motor. I also like build weedeater bikes and chainsaw bikes also mini choppers. I ...

Hey every body! Here Are some pictures of my dads, and my, and my brothers work space! If you like what I make subscriben to me!!! I'm  aslo entering this in to the space contest!



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    You think that's a lot? They're kind of tossed and mixed up as well. I can't work like that. I have to have all of my wrenches and sockets and other tools all on rails, racks, or holders in order etc. Someday when I go blind I'll still be able to lay my hands on exactly what I want!

    Most likey the pro member ship and the Leatherman Squirt PS4 Red Keychain Tool with Plier!!