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This is my workshop. It's outside so it does get quite cold and projects have to be moved inside, which doesn't go so well because my mom is not in favor of having *insert materials here* all over her floor which leads to my dad having the idea to go down to The Home Depot (or Lowes) and getting an acid to wash off said materials which then leads to my dad not diluting it enough and the acid wash eats through the floor which means we have to fix that which means that mom is even more mad and it usually ends up being my fault which means I have to pay for it which means I don't get to do more projects which means that I'm sad and then people who have subscribed to me are sad which means that they might depress other people which might eventually make world leaders depressed which means that the world might get sad which means that the other planets will get depressed which means the galaxy will get depressed which means that other galaxies will get sad which means the entire Universe might get depressed which means... I don't know after that but whatever. So, like I was saying, It gets cold but I manage. I'm making a piece of art right now so that's why the saw horses and ladders are out. I hope you like it!


Chumlee (author)2011-08-26

nice space man, im currently in the process of cleaning out my garage so i can have a work space

Dr. Pepper (author)Chumlee2011-08-27


wizgirl (author)2011-02-07

Nice! Great pics too!

Dr. Pepper (author)wizgirl2011-02-07


Techgirl-52 (author)2011-02-04

Super cool workspace Dr. Pepper! :D
What is the interesting story about the pipe?

Dr. Pepper (author)Techgirl-522011-02-04

Look at the last message.

zack247 (author)Dr. Pepper2011-02-05

what last message...? i cant find it...

Dr. Pepper (author)zack2472011-02-06

At the very bottom.

zack247 (author)Dr. Pepper2011-02-06

i get it now!

Dr. Pepper (author)zack2472011-02-06


Techgirl-52 (author)Dr. Pepper2011-02-04

Oh! XD I get it!

Dr. Pepper (author)Techgirl-522011-02-04


Dr. Pepper (author)2011-02-03

Yeah, have you ever seen me talk about knex?

Dr. Pepper (author)2011-02-03

I don't even have knex.

Dr. Pepper (author)2011-02-03

Me? I have 7 instructables? What do you mean post something? Do you mean knex?

Dr. Pepper (author)2011-02-03


happyjo (author)2011-02-03

I like your workshop! Wish I had one! :D Oh and I live the "which would lead tos" :P

Dr. Pepper (author)happyjo2011-02-03


happyjo (author)Dr. Pepper2011-02-03

You are welcome! What is the next project that you are going to make?

TSC (author)2011-02-03

Whats the pipes interesting story? Interesting!

Dr. Pepper (author)TSC2011-02-03

Well... First it was used in one of my dad's houses then the person didn't like it so he had to take it out then we used it on my toolbox (look in my profile) then I lost it then I found it on top of our roof (lol) and we had to get a ladder which I almost fell off of and killed myself then I finally got it then I lost it again then I found it a couple of days ago and now I'm using it for my project.

LoneWolf (author)2011-02-03

Nice, must get cold out their!!!

Dr. Pepper (author)LoneWolf2011-02-03

Freakin cold! Try low speed grinding while shaking like crazy.

LoneWolf (author)Dr. Pepper2011-02-03

LOL.... Sounds fun =D Not to rub it in but.... my workshop is in a nice and warm basement lol

Dr. Pepper (author)LoneWolf2011-02-03

You should post it!

LoneWolf (author)Dr. Pepper2011-02-03

Yeah I should =) Good idea! But I'll have to wait at least until I get a new SD memory card for my camera though.

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