My Workspace; Wood Shop!


Introduction: My Workspace; Wood Shop!

1Yep, this is where I spend most of My freetime.

2 I also have a home-made forge!

3-7 Some things I have built in My workspace.



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    Good day to MR.builderguy,
    I,m happy to see people still interested in Shopsmith lathes. I bought mine from a guy how got it as a gift from a relative. I shipped it back home when retired to Lebanon (17,000 miles away from USA).
    Salute to all members and contributers to Instructables (my favorite ever).
    Best regards

    How your muti-purpose tool (drill press, lathe, table saw, etc...) "works" ?
    Where can we find one if possible ?

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    Its a shopsmith. you can probably find 1 on craigslist.

    The multi-purpose tool is a ShopSmith. Their website is I recently got a ShopSmith Mark VII off craigslist for $425.

    Nice. I used to have one of those Shopsmith multi-tools and I loved it. But ran out of tool room....