Introduction: My KNEX GUN

Ths is mi best knex gun. I do not know how far it can shoot but it is pretty good. The trigger has a auto-reload. If you put in pegs, it acts like a shotgun.



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    you must not be a knexer, because you would know they are called pegs not rods, but for your time it's all right.

    a little ugly because it don't have much design put some next time

    hahaha is that a stock on that little gun

    no slideshow came up

    Either way I can't see the gun.

    Same here....although I give him props for posting something the day after he joined....

    I posted 4 things the day I joined.... and I can see the gun

    1) You're special 2) You're special ROFLMAO Sorry, I couldn't resist that...

    Im special! Yay! AM I a knexpert yet?....

    Yep, and did you meet your long lost cousin, pickleboy yet?

    no, where does he live, and did you say Im a knexpert?

    As Oompa-Loompa said, his residence is lower on the page, and yes.

    He's got a comment further down on the page.

    if im ever bothered enough to post a gun ill become a knexpert quick enough. i think in pictures and have some pretty freakin crazy designs in my head, just not enough motivation to post any..........

    not with guns, but you do make a lot of other things with knex that are not bad.