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This is my workshop filled with a LOT of tools and machines, I have my woodworking section, workbench, electronics bench and my chemistry bench. Enjoy


atlantica (author)2010-12-15

Your baby is a Power Mitre Box, not a chop saw, which is a metalworking tool.

stayputnik (author)atlantica2013-02-19

The shop teacher at my college called it a chop saw too... I think it's an accepted term, or nickname at least.

scraptopower (author)2011-11-24

You have a nice shop.

SlickSqueegie (author)2011-10-20

hey, Is that an old Craftsman Table saw by chance?
It looks a lot like one me and my Father restored.

Yea, I inherited a bunch of old solid metal craftsman and delta tools from a man who passed away in my church. They are fantastic- built to last more than a century for sure.

espdp2 (author)2010-07-11

Hahaha, it looks like you need a full-sized barn, my friend! Don't mind the other comments; I can see that there's a method to the madness.

Tazo (author)2010-06-30

You have no excuse. Now show us some of your projects so that we can see how good you are using them :)

Brandon121233 (author)Tazo2010-06-30

check out my instructables then =]

bongodrummer (author)2010-06-04

Cool. Had to laugh at the fire extinguisher comment - a lot of use! hoho. Thanks for sharing. Makes me think I need a stereo system...

Lots of tools my friend and I don't know if it's you pictures but it looks like you need to organize things a bit. Believe me it will give you alot more space and freedom of movement.
Good show!

pfred2 (author)2009-05-16

Well here let me show you another angle then maybe you can make out a couple more machines I have? Try to notice the TIG welder behind the milling machine. TTFN

pfred2 (author)2009-05-16

That's not a lot of tools, now this is a LOT of tools! Sorry could only fit about half in the picture.

snowpenguin (author)2009-04-22

Your workshop is... ummmmmmm.... Clean?

Strawbale Shop (author)2008-12-07


Da_Fudge (author)2008-12-04


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