Picture of My Workshop
This is my workshop filled with a LOT of tools and machines, I have my woodworking section, workbench, electronics bench and my chemistry bench. Enjoy
atlantica4 years ago
Your baby is a Power Mitre Box, not a chop saw, which is a metalworking tool.
The shop teacher at my college called it a chop saw too... I think it's an accepted term, or nickname at least.
You have a nice shop.
hey, Is that an old Craftsman Table saw by chance?
It looks a lot like one me and my Father restored.
Brandon121233 (author)  SlickSqueegie3 years ago
Yea, I inherited a bunch of old solid metal craftsman and delta tools from a man who passed away in my church. They are fantastic- built to last more than a century for sure.
espdp24 years ago
Hahaha, it looks like you need a full-sized barn, my friend! Don't mind the other comments; I can see that there's a method to the madness.
Tazo4 years ago
You have no excuse. Now show us some of your projects so that we can see how good you are using them :)
Brandon121233 (author)  Tazo4 years ago
check out my instructables then =]
Cool. Had to laugh at the fire extinguisher comment - a lot of use! hoho. Thanks for sharing. Makes me think I need a stereo system...
Lots of tools my friend and I don't know if it's you pictures but it looks like you need to organize things a bit. Believe me it will give you alot more space and freedom of movement.
Good show!
pfred25 years ago
That's not a lot of tools, now this is a LOT of tools! Sorry could only fit about half in the picture.
Brandon121233 (author)  pfred25 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Well here let me show you another angle then maybe you can make out a couple more machines I have? Try to notice the TIG welder behind the milling machine. TTFN
snowpenguin5 years ago
Your workshop is... ummmmmmm.... Clean?
Da_Fudge6 years ago