Mykhailo's Knex Grenade





Introduction: Mykhailo's Knex Grenade

This is a version of the grenade that Mykhailo posted in innovative K'nex guns.
Its radius is about 7 to 13 feet depending on the throw. This is my first instructable so any constructive criticism is very helpful. Btw if Mykhailo doesn't want me to post this then I will remove it.

Step 1: You Will Need

The pieces that you will need to build it. The shrapnel is interchangeable and customizable.

#1 = the body

#2= the shrapnel

Step 2: Constuction of the Body

Follow the Pic's

#1= what you will be building

#2= construction.

#3= More construction

Step 3: The Shrapnel Filling and Adding the Top

Here is how to fill the body will shrapnel and remember be creative with the shrapnel. Its interchangeable.

#1= fill body with shrapnel

#2= alternate shrapnel ( recommended)

#3, #4= Yay! your done!

Step 4: Firing.

To fire just throw at the ground or unsuspecting citizen.
My radius was about 7-13 ft.


Step 5: My Secret Knex Facility. ( Ahem *cough* My Room *cough*)

Here is my rooms and my various k'nex creations.

I Have Killerk's Pistol, The SRv1 !!!!!!!!!!!!! =D , another grenade, my knex box, and then Mykhailo's knex pistol.



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Cool this ible was posted on my birthday.

 I made your Grenade. It is good and the shrapnel goes every-where. : )

I like to be evil with my ideas so how about a launcher for  these!!!

I made a violent explosion with one of 'em

I also made a safety

Nice design I found that it works better with connectors instead of rods and filling all the tire gaps with whites. But thats me

its actually a stupid robot in a dog suit. the picture is from invader zim

Gir: Gir Reporting for duty Zim: What does the 'G' stand for? Gir: I don't know.... WOOT OHAHAHHA WHOA

i made it, its pretty fun to throw at people. it falls apart in your hand sometimes, if you hold it too hard