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Introduction: Mykhailo's Knex Grenade

This is a version of the grenade that Mykhailo posted in innovative K'nex guns.
Its radius is about 7 to 13 feet depending on the throw. This is my first instructable so any constructive criticism is very helpful. Btw if Mykhailo doesn't want me to post this then I will remove it.

Step 1: You Will Need

The pieces that you will need to build it. The shrapnel is interchangeable and customizable.

#1 = the body

#2= the shrapnel

Step 2: Constuction of the Body

Follow the Pic's

#1= what you will be building

#2= construction.

#3= More construction

Step 3: The Shrapnel Filling and Adding the Top

Here is how to fill the body will shrapnel and remember be creative with the shrapnel. Its interchangeable.

#1= fill body with shrapnel

#2= alternate shrapnel ( recommended)

#3, #4= Yay! your done!

Step 4: Firing.

To fire just throw at the ground or unsuspecting citizen.
My radius was about 7-13 ft.


Step 5: My Secret Knex Facility. ( Ahem *cough* My Room *cough*)

Here is my rooms and my various k'nex creations.

I Have Killerk's Pistol, The SRv1 !!!!!!!!!!!!! =D , another grenade, my knex box, and then Mykhailo's knex pistol.



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    Cool this ible was posted on my birthday.

     I made your Grenade. It is good and the shrapnel goes every-where. : )

    I like to be evil with my ideas so how about a launcher for  these!!!

    I made a violent explosion with one of 'em

    I also made a safety

    Nice design I found that it works better with connectors instead of rods and filling all the tire gaps with whites. But thats me

    its actually a stupid robot in a dog suit. the picture is from invader zim

    1 reply

    Gir: Gir Reporting for duty Zim: What does the 'G' stand for? Gir: I don't know.... WOOT OHAHAHHA WHOA

    i made it, its pretty fun to throw at people. it falls apart in your hand sometimes, if you hold it too hard

    Thanks. I actully have none of these built any more..... If people want I'll post a new pic of my new guns. With the exception of my new shotgun ( project SPLAT! ) because it's incredibly new and classified. If you are interested I'll post a shadow pic on my orange board or on a forum. soon. - Jack

    lol you named it project splat. to bad it dident work.

    yeha a great idea but the grey rods are to stinkin short for it to work!

    true, what if you made 3 or 4 seprate barrels, each with 2 hoppers on them for like blue rods. then you could get like 8 shots .

    hmm good idea but then it would have like 4+ strings and all confuning and very big and hard to load

    true. unless you make it really compact. you could make 2 of the barrels on one side and 2 on the other.

    ...or make 2 compact pistols with say, 3-4 round clips, then join the bodies, make the handle thinner, and add longer barrels. then you would simply connect the firing pins so they both fire at one time. In theory this would make a great sawn-off shotgun that fires two bullets at once. Sorry for the long comment.

    wow, i think ill get started on that now.

    i have made a remote control knex motor from a knex motor and used it to make a knex boat (remote control and floatable)