For those that haven't heard of the Myo before - it's an armband that reads the electrical impulses from your muscles, letting you control devices by simply waving or gesturing with your hand.

If you have seen it and want to develop on it, you'll soon come to realize that the library is C++ only. This is great for code bases that are already in C++ (*cough* video games *cough*), but not if you just want to make a quick script that does something with the input data. So, why not use Python?

We created a small library for the supported systems (currently OSX, Win32 and Win64) that bundles all of the required C++ code into a separate process and exposes it via a simple python class. In later steps we'll also go over the protocol, so you can port it to a language of your choice!

Let's get started.

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Note 11/2014: If you get repeated "unable to connect" messages and the vanilla hello-myo.exe program from Thalmic works, let us know and we'll fix it - new releases of Myo Connect can break old versions of the executable.

Time Required: 15 minutes (once Myo is set up)


  • Myo Armband (we had the Alpha version) plus included BLE dongle
  • Computer running OSX or Windows 32/x64


  • Some basic knowledge of Python (how to run a script)

Step 1: Setting Up

To get a Myo talking to Python, you'll need a running installation of Myo Connect, a Python installation, and our custom library.

Myo Connect:

This comes with the developer SDK, in the myo-connect folder for Windows or the root folder for OSX. Run it and go through the setup process to register your Myo with the computer.


We're using version 2.7.8 of python - which can be found here. Installation should be as simple as downloading and running the file. If you're using OSX, python should come preinstalled.

Myo for Python:

Our library is available on GitHub as always - click the Download Zip button on the right side for an archive of all files.

<p>Hi, I get an error! when I run the MyoTest, </p><p>Error: Unablle to connect to Myo Connect. Is Myo Connect running?</p>
<p>Question: I get an error - &quot;Error: boost::bad_get: failed value get using boost::get&quot;<br><br>Any ideas on what it could be? Missing library?<br><br>Thanks!</p>
<p>Thalmic SDK updates have been breaking the python binaries a lot recently - we're working on a fix for this and we'll let you know :)</p>
<p>I'm experiencing the unable to connect messages. The hello-myo from thalmic works.</p>

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