Mysterious Moths



Introduction: Mysterious Moths

Flutter by to make these colorful moths that will stand out against any Halloween pumpkin or skull!

Step 1: Materials List

Here's what you will need to make them:

  • copies of moths
  • matte presentation paper
  • scissors
  • a replica pumpkin or skull
  • a glue stick
  • adhesive dots or strong double stick tape

Step 2: Moth Images

First, go to your computer and Google some images of moths. You can even arrange your images on a photo editing software, like I did with Photoshop (or you can also use PicMonkey) for an organized effect. Then, print out two copies on matte presentation paper: one regular and one mirror image.

Step 3: Assemble Moths

Now, to assemble these moths, first cut out one of the images and use a glue stick to attach the mirror image on top of the regular image. Then, cut off any excess.

Step 4: Attach to Pumpkin

Now, just use adhesive dots or double stick tape to attach the moths to your pumpkin or skull, if your have one!

Step 5: Display!

Now, you can display it on your porch, window sill, or wherever you want your decoration to show off their new identity!



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