Who doesn't love watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 make fun of bad movies? Have you had any movies you'd wished they riffed? After an idea popped into my head, I made this: A board that can be placed over the Television screen of your choice. Now you can watch a movie with the three hecklers watching the show with you.

Materials & Tools:

Measuring Tape
Tape or Glue
Paper or Card-stock
Flat Black Spray Paint
Sticky Tac
An image editing software. (I recommend using G.I.M.P.)
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Step 1: Downloading the Templates

First, you must download the RAR file containing the templates using WinRAR:

If you don't have WinRAR, then you can download it for free here:

Included are two templates with silhouettes of Joel Hodgson, and Mike Nelson, giving you the option of using your favorite human host.

When in WinRAR, just click the button "Extract To," select a folder to export them in, and click OK.