Introduction: Mystique

I recently started watching the XMen movies, and am also a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence, so I decided to attempt the Mystique look for Halloween.  It was a pretty daring costume, but I had a great time and am so glad I did it!

Step 1: Yellow Contact Lenses

To me, this really makes or breaks the look! I didn't want to spend a fortune so I got fairly cheap contact from Four Eyez online.

Step 2: "Scales" and Blue Skin

I got bags and sheets of various gems, rhinestones, and sequins from the dollar store, and used spirit gum to glue them in a symmetrical pattern to my face.  I was lucky in that some of them were already sticky on the back, and they managed to stay on my face the whole night! Spirit gum also proved to be very easy to use.  I also used the spirit gum and gems, along with blue tape, to cover up my nipples.  I taped my nipples, and then glued gems above them to draw the eyes a little upwards!
I then donned blue underwear, and used Snazaroo face and body paint to cover my entire body in blue paint.  

I bought cheap blue flip flops, painted my finger- and toenails, and used orange hair spray paint to complete the look.

I wore this "outfit" to a gay bar and took home the 2nd prize! It really is a costume that requires some brazen confidence, but I had a ton of fun, turned lots of head, had my picture taken by many people, and had a fantastic evening!



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    It would be nice if you put the scale on after you apply paint.

    Would it be better if you pot on the scales after you put on paint. So it wont color

    awesome job, and kudos on the bravery. I wouldn't get in front a camera blue and nekkid lol. You make it look good though!

    pasties and panties, not naked. However, mystique in the movies/comics was naked (textured skin in sensitive areas?).


    Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)