This is how to make a small, easy and relatively inexpensive N scale layout. It fits on a small coffee table.

A guy from church accidentally ordered some N scale passenger cars which he passed on to me.

I had an old N scale layout which I did not really like so I removed it from it's plywood base and started over. Here is what I did.

Step 1: Foam Geography

To start you will need a 24 inch circle of plywood and some sheet insulation foam.  I used 3/4 inch, but if you want a deeper layout you can get 2 inch thick.

I used Unitrack because it is easy and the layout doesn't need to be as flat. The 8 1/2 inch pieces make the smallest curve.

The insulation foam is easily cut with a serrated knife.

Layout the houses and pencil in the river. I carved layers of the foam for hills and gauged out the pond and stream. I glued the hill to the base, using white glue. Do not use epoxy, it will eat right through the foam. I sanded the edges.

The houses were printed on postcard sized card stock, made by Fiddlers Green. They were not very expensive.
<p>You most likely will at some point want to add some track switches, They will add a lot of fun and not change the nature of this cute little layout.</p>
&quot;I also have a bag of sheep.&quot;<br><br>This may be the single funniest sentence on the whole site.
Awesome! I love all the scenery and the light house!
Wow, now this is really impressive! If only you had a model train to go around it, it would make this build!
Whoops, I forgot to take a photo with the train! I will take one soon.
Nice work, makes me want to pull my old N scale out of the box it's been in for 30 years...

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