The Nintendo 64 or N64 was released in North America in 1996 and had so many amazing games such as "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", ""Super Smash Bros.", and "Golden Eye 007".

A few months ago I found a picture of a table like this on Facebook. I thought to myself, "I could make that.". This was around the same time that I was looking for Christmas gifts for my family. I feel bad that in my haste to get this finished I missed taking pictures of a few steps. I hope that with my documentation we can fill in the blanks.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

  • 2 - 6x6x8 foot fence posts
  • 32 - 3 inch grabber screws
  • 1 - cheap 4 inch phillips screw driver (the handle will need to be cut short)
  • Wood Glue
  • 2 Cans Wood filler
  • 2 Cans Spray Paint (each color)
    • Primer
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red
    • Yellow
<p> I couldn't will myself to spend $100 for two 8' 6X6's for a table I didn't have room for in the first place. So I went all miniature on it and made a 1/4 scale shelf version. </p><p>FYI - Painting this thing was a yet undiscovered depth of hell. I think I went thru 2 full rolls of masking tape and started over twice. But... Unlike most of my &quot;projects&quot;... I actually finished this one.</p>
<p>Hahaha it looks amazing! I laugh because I know the "undiscovered depth of hell" you speak of. I don't remember if I mentioned it in the instructable or not, but I ended up painting mine twice because I was too impatient. Your's looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! </p>
I hope I can make this someday!
<p>I hope you do! It's a great project! </p>
<p>i need more room TT^TT</p><p>btw do you think it would work with plexiglass so you can light it up from the inside ^^ ?</p>
<p>I'm sure it would work. Not sure of the strength of it however. Try it out and let me know how it goes! </p>
<p>I created the N64 symbol out of Perler Beads, once (it broke).</p>
<p>That is really good, probably better than any of the people working at Nintendo could ever do. :) </p>
<p>I just finished making my table out of 4x4. Thank you so much for the idea it looks awesome in my new game room that I am building!</p>
<p>That's great! I would love to see a photo if you could upload one. </p>
This is amazing!! I am a huge fan of the n64 and legend if zelda!!
<p>nice, im going to try make one for my room</p>
<p>Make sure to share pictures if you do! </p>
<p>This table is great, I actually got the supplies to make the table, but I messed up when I was cutting the 45 degree angle because I don't know where to start cutting the angle,the instructions were unclear to me and I was just wondering where to make the angle. Please reply as soon as you can.</p>
I wish that I currently had an answer for you. Because I gave away this table as a Christmas gift, it is not easily accessible to me. sadly it may be a few months till I have the opportunity to sit down with it and a tape measure. I wish that I currently had a better answer for you, but I promise that I will get back as soon as I do have an answer.
<p>Will this help?</p>
That looks great to me! I still haven't gotten to see my table in months. The down falls to giving things like this away. As soon as I'm able I'll see what angles mine turned out to be.
<p>Ok...This is absolutely awesome! I love seeing things that bring you back to the days of. It makes me geek out a little bit seeing this. I love it! I can't wait to make one of these for myself. I'm going to be watching craigslist for a glass table top so I can make a base just like this! Thanks for posting!</p>
Thanks! It was a great build! Let me know if you have any questions.
What did you use to cut the wood??
Sadly I didn't have anything other than a hand saw that would work. It was a long night...
<p>OK... I'm not trying to be a pain in the butt here because you obviously built this thing and I assume there was a tape measure involved at some point so maybe I'm just doing it wrong.</p><p>I always build projects in Sketchup first just so I get a &quot;perfect world&quot; idea of measurements and such, and this thing don't jive. If you were to build whats essentially a cube with 5 X 5 X 17 3/4&quot; legs, then the angled pieces could not be 19 3/4&quot; long or they would not reach the floor from the top of the leg. In the perfect world of Sketchup, the angled pieces would have to be 20 3/32&quot;. I know we're only talking about less than 3/8&quot;, but that adds up quickly as you work across 4 faces. So by the time you go all the way round, you'll be off by an inch and a half = lopsided table.</p><p>I guess my point is... How much &quot;adjusting&quot; did you have to do, if any?</p>
<p>I like that this piece has gotten around. I made an instructable a couple years ago that I feel that your source picture was based on. The design has been simplified but the idea is still there. I am still using my table to this date and I am happy to see it has inspired others. </p>
I'm a bit worried about people using pressure treated wood. The woodshop co-op I belong to, didn't allow it, due to it's toxicity. I would use cedar posts, a bit more money, but health is important. That aside, I've got a son who'd love this.
<p>I'm guessing the author used pressure treated because that's what was available. I don't really see the need for pressure treated or cedar for this table unless you're putting it outside. </p>
<p>Nice, I'd recommend using a primer first so the wood pattern doesn't come through. I might actually make this myself, been wanting to since the n64 came out.</p>
<p>Awesome!, Could you explain what </p><p>- Plane wood from the 5.5 inches down to only 5 inches.</p><p>means more clearly? I don't really get what's being done to the posts.</p>
<p>6x6's are generally 5.5x5.5. The 6x6's that I used were pressure treated, so I wanted to plane them down so it no longer had the ugly marks. That's the only reason that I planed the wood other than to get it flat. In all reality, you can use whatever size of wood you'd like. I wanted to preserve the original ratio of the N64 logo which is why the resulting demotions are what they are. (I added a picture of what preasure treated lumber looks like)</p>
<p>Sorry, here is the picture.</p>
Very cool! This Definetly got my vote. This brings back good memories
Very neat idea!! I think I'm going to do this, but probably in a smaller scale..

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