N-railway Trees (1/160 Scale)





Introduction: N-railway Trees (1/160 Scale)

a track is fun, all trains that drive around. But a bit of decoration can be more fun.
Here I show you, how you can make trees.

link to my other trees:  https://www.instructables.com/id/N-railway-pine-trees-1160-scale/

Step 1: To Start

We start with a piece of electrical cord. This is cut in pieces of 10 cm. And then stripped.

Step 2: Twist and Turn

Then there is a trunk and branches are twisted and the basic shape of the tree determined.
I have three different shapes.

Step 3: Re-inforce

All the weaknesses of the tree, as the trunk and branches. Are then reinforced with solder.

Step 4: Leaf

The places where leaves have to come are to be injected with spray glue and then the colored sawdust sprinkled on the tree.

If there are bare spots, you can repeat this operation.

Step 5: The Result

All well and dry?

here are my result:

have fun




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    I love using this method it's much more affordable than what the hobby sops/ websites charge for trees. However I have never used sawdust for the leafy parts. I have used lichen and various woodland scenics products.

    Nice instructable, use of materials and instruction. I could see using other material/color for the leaves, such as autumn colors. I am into customizing Hot Wheels and want to do dioramas and this is good cheap idea. Thanks for the idea.

    nice :) ... i'll try this when i'm redecorating my kid's room

    those look great!

    Wow, cool trees!