Picture of N64 LED 5v Power Source & Front Emblem Removal
This is just me showing where I got the power for my strip of LEDs at the back of the board and how I got my front emblem to glow. There are many other better detailed tutorials out there but I just wanted to make one and show it off:)

Step 1: We'll Assume You Can Disassemble Your N64

Picture of We'll Assume You Can Disassemble Your N64
I highly recommend buying the game bit sockets. Got mine off eBay for like 5 bucks! Makes life so much easier. Need that and dremmel and soldering crap
rjohnston7 (author) 12 months ago
Sorry I don't get notifications on comments, I've done maybe a dozen of these now never an issue like that. All I can guess is something got shorted, feel bad.

hey, when I tried this I lost signal to my tv. The LEDs get power and all but I get no video or audio threw my tv. I tried it with two n64's and now they are both garbage unless you know how to fix it...any help?