The Ultimate Gift of Self Defense; Aluminium Bat





Introduction: The Ultimate Gift of Self Defense; Aluminium Bat

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You wont strike out with this light weight custom made bat...

Step 1: Gather All of Your Supplies

  • light weight aluminum bat
  • power drill either electric or battery powered
  • 3, 6" long mobile home skirting spikes or long nails
  • a drill bit gauge or washers
  • a 1/2" drill bit a 1" drill bit
  • 1/2 turn locking screws (can get out of shelf or cabinets) and a tap and dye set
  • telescoping magnet

Step 2: Drill Access Hole

    Drill a hole in the top first with a 1/2" drill bit then with a 1" step drill bit to make lighter but mainly to be able to access the inside.

Step 3: Spacing Spikes/nails

Using a drill gauge or washer, measure the diameter of your spikes/nails, and drill holes out using a drill bit one size smaller than the diameter of your spikes/nails. You can space the spikes/nails however you like

Step 4: Fastening Your Spikes/nails

Since I had no way of welding my spikes on, I found an old shelf and used the 1/2 turn locking screws, I then drilled and tapped 6 of them for use as a nail stop so that the nails will not pull out of my weapon during use. But if you are able to weld it all together, it would be best.

Step 5: Last But Not Least....

I also made a hanging plaque out of some boards I had laying around. And hand carved a grim reaper above where the bat hangs. That way it will display nicely right next to the man of the house favorite chair...

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8:



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    This is nasty. I like it.

    The carving of the grim reaper is fantastic.

    OMG, that is simply savage! I want one, oh yeah!

    Genius! So cool! Love that it is all aluminum and light weight so that even a girl like me can smash some

    Neat way of securing the nails on! Love the all metal look, and the wall mount is really cool as well!