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I built the NAR, and modded it. The main mods I have made are to the forebarrel and grip area, and the stock. I liked the handle connection points, but the stock itself was too flimsy, even with the hinge inside the handle strengthener mod, so I encased it completely. The main goal was to encase, and add bendy rods to the back of the stock, and I that is what I did. I worked on the stock for about an hour, 40 minute build time (building my stock) and the other 20 minutes to perfect it, and this is what I have.
The forebarrel is much stronger, because I added an extra snowflake connector so the yellow rods can't slide around, and to the foregrip, I found it bit into my hand so I half snapped in red rods, to smoothen it over. It has a new trigger band placement, which is very simple, but still makes a good strong trigger pull, all I did was loop a #32 around the trigger, then around the front of the foregrip. I usually have 5 #64 bands on it, so it can punch through 4 layers of cardboard, and it gets 150ft with finned ammo. This is my primary, and the MeZak is my secondary. I might post, but you could probably build it from the pics. If you need help, I'll post another pic with a layer off it.




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    90 Discussions im not sure if its original, but its the nar

    uhhh... i open the link and there isn't exactly instructions, have they been removed?

    I built the NAR, put 16 bands on it, and I shot at my friend with it at like 10 feet away, and it just barely missed his neck. Imagine what would happen if it hit him...

    Dude, maybe the gun ia reliable and all other stuff, but it's a single shot. I don't like single shots, they take way too long to reload.

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    Have you ever heard of the NAR? It is the most powerful gun ever made, the fact that it is single shot doesn't take anything away from it. It has a 1.5 second reload time, with a range of 450ft.

    No it can't. I have nothing against the NAR, I think it's actually a pretty nice gun. But 450ft is too far. It's physically impossible to get that range with a ram rod gun because too much energy is lost when transferring power from the band to the ram to the barrel sides to the mini "NAR ram" to the bullet. It just doesn't work. That's why slingshots have always shot further, MUCH less friction in those. So basically unless you actually PROVE the NAR shoots 450ft, you're probably misinformed.

    What if it shot the ramrod? I know it has been done before but not very well OR made to a high quality other than just to test the theory.