NAR Pistol and TR-12





Introduction: NAR Pistol and TR-12

note : these are ether mods of someone's else gun or my attempt of something. NOT ORIGINAL!!!

pics 1-4 NARP (not a the first one)
5-7 TR-12 (A mod a Whaleman's turret)

The NARP suck because of its red rod ram( giving it suckish range compared to the nar) but it was fun to make.

TR-12 is all most as good as the TR-18.
The only thing it lacks is the six barrles that the TR-18 has.(it makes that up becosue it is not much lighter



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    On the NARP you screwed up how you attach the pin guide. Its supposed to be a orange connecter

    If you actually look at the picture, you can tell that an orange connector would be too long =P

    No it's not i've built it before.

    i am thankful for you comment but i did it the way that worked for me

    plz post the tr-12 turret

    its really simple if u know how to build a tr-18. i might if i get time

    Cool, sorry if i sounded rude.

    it didn't don't worry

    You ought to post the pistol :)

    maybe but it pretty simple