NAR Pistol and TR-12





Introduction: NAR Pistol and TR-12

About: i am 18 and very crazy

note : these are ether mods of someone's else gun or my attempt of something. NOT ORIGINAL!!!

pics 1-4 NARP (not a the first one)
5-7 TR-12 (A mod a Whaleman's turret)

The NARP suck because of its red rod ram( giving it suckish range compared to the nar) but it was fun to make.

TR-12 is all most as good as the TR-18.
The only thing it lacks is the six barrles that the TR-18 has.(it makes that up becosue it is not much lighter



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    On the NARP you screwed up how you attach the pin guide. Its supposed to be a orange connecter

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    If you actually look at the picture, you can tell that an orange connector would be too long =P

    No it's not i've built it before.

    i am thankful for you comment but i did it the way that worked for me

    plz post the tr-12 turret

    its really simple if u know how to build a tr-18. i might if i get time

    Cool, sorry if i sounded rude.

    it didn't don't worry

    maybe but it pretty simple

    And someone else tried something like the NAR pistol.  None of this is his!

    I made that, but modded it a little.  At that size, the power is not that great, even with 10 rb's.  It is still really cool, though.

    nice that is so cool

    See?  I'm right even when I'm not 100% certain!

    did i ever say it was

    yes  i forgot to give you credit for the original 12 turret. thank you.