Kev Harwick, Nascar racer, credits his race-winning strategy to Instructables Dancando and the summer sewing contest. He said: " He wanted to make something that could give him the edge he needed to win the next cup. Winning the cup has changed my opinion that sewing is a woman's craft."

Sewing is not listed on the top 50 unmanly things to do, in fact the dynamics of racing and sewing are very similar in nature and could never be considered a strictly feminine hobby. Both require knowledge of how things work, oiling parts, replacing belts, fixing broken parts, changing needles, changing light bulbs, screwing a nut, the mechanics of threading, and adjusting the timing.

Let's not forget the use of tools: vacuum cleaner, screw driver, cleaning rags, pliers, and occasional use of a hammer.Operating knowledge of the car or sewing machine is crucial to get the best start such as steering, adjusting the seat, reving the engine, and the precision needed when approaching corners.  So,  guys,  put on your Nascar racing cap, get those sewing machines oiled, adjust the timing and put the pedal to the metal and lets get started making a wrench case!  The possibilities are endless when you can sew custom things that you wished were available.

The inspiration of this ible came from my son-in-law who asked me to make him a wrench case a couple of years ago.  I visted him last month and he commented how much he liked it.  I made him the simple version and am giving him this one as well. 

 This instructable will teach you sewing tips, how to search  videos about threading, oiling, changing bobbin,  and how to sew a basic straight stich and make a pattern for a wrench set/tool case.  I will also mention how to make a simple version.  Sewing is a fun summer craft to do with your children.   Your sons and daughters will love to own a tool case just like Dad and also enjoy learning how a machine works.

Step 1: Sewing Machines

If you are looking for a good sewing machine I suggest buying an older used sewing machine made of metal cases.  They are cheap and are well worth the investment to get them serviced if you need to.  The older machines are much like older cars because they have metal parts that don't need replaced as often.  It cost about 60 dollars to get one serviced if the timing is out or simple oiling and adjusting the tension etc.  I am not sure how much it cost to replace a motor.  To buy a new cheap sewing machine today cost about 100 dollars but they don't last very long before you need them serviced.  Most all of them are made of plastic cases and parts.  Older machines sew better on heavier fabrics, in my opinion.  Remember if sewing heavier fabrics use a heavier needle because if you sew denim or canvas with a small needle it could throw out the timing. 

I have a tanker sewing machine that I love.  It looks like it has gone through a few wars so tanker fits it's discription. It is a Phaff.   I also have a treadle and a Singer feather weight which if you happen to come across one of these they are worth quite a lot,  I have been told. 

<p>This is a great tutorial. I need a bag for transporting my sewing machine to and from my classroom; and I think this is just what I need. It's very sturdy. I'm printing this tutorial and gathering the materials I'll need. No wrenches, just sewing accessories. I'll tweak it to suite my needs and will have just what my machines and I need. Thanks for the easy to understand and follow tutorial.</p>
Hey Sunshiine! I was just looking at this and all of the other Nascar ibles on the site again, and I believe the racer's name is Kevin Harvick. Once again let me add that this is pretty cool! :)<br><br>Cheers!<br>-NK
<p>Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It was a pun actually. I was trying to be funny. Glad you liked the ible though. Have a great day!</p><p>sunshiine</p>
<p>Oh, I see, sorry. Haha, but I can actually imagine him saying that now. XD </p>
<p>Now that makes me feel good knowing he might have really said that!. I enjoyed making this project for my son-in-law; who still uses this bag. Thanks again!</p><p>sunshiine</p>
I am not a NASCAR fan so I will take your word for it! I hope your hero wins again and do have a splendorous weekend! <br>sunshiine
Thanks and you too!
Thank you for this idea. Now I have something I can make for my young adult son, who is no longer interested in the &quot;usual&quot; things mothers sew for them during their growing years!
I love this bag, especially the pouches for the wrenches. Anyone would be proud to make and own one of these babies!
Thanks! Hopefully my son- in -law will like it too!
Very nicely done.<br />One day I dream of owning a Pfaff. They are magnificent beasts!
Thanks! This one took a long time because my session would run out loosing all my work. Very frustrating but I finally got it there. Yes, Phaff is a super machine. Hope you get yours!

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