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Introduction: NB Roomba

So the project is to build a robot which can carry a camera and walk around. Roomba is cheap and easy to develop on it.

This is a Nvidia Jetson tx1 board. It has a GPU along with a powerful ARM chip on it. The greatest stuff here is this board only consumes 10W power.

I already opened up a Roomba, and try to mount this board on it. If you don't know how to open it, you can read this inversely.

Step 1: Open It Up and Drill Holes

After removing the top&bottom cover, wheels, battery, bumper, motherboard. Here is what your Roomba should look like.

I drill four holes for the tx1 board, but if you got other boards, make sure you measure the right length before drilling anything.

Step 2: Put Motherboard Back and Connect Pins

Step 3: Put Front Pad and Screws Back

Step 4: Connect Bumper Wire, Put Bumper Back

Step 5: Put Top Cover and Screws Back

Step 6: Put Wheels, Battery, and Back Cover Back to Its Place

Step 7: Mark Useless Part and Cut It Away

I found out that the Tx1 board is actually larger than the circle shape of the Roomba after a while. So I decided to cut the dust bin open and live more space to the board.

The red line on the bin indicate the cutting line.

Step 8: Prepare Power/Reset Button

As the power/reset button on the board is hidden inside the Roomba, I soldered wires to buttons and later mount it on the dustbin.

I should choose two different color to distinguish Power and Reset... 0_o

Step 9: Put All Component Together

Step 10: Add a Bottom Cover to Keep the Board Away From Dust

Step 11: Now Write a Simple Face Detection Program on That. It Will Find and Follow the Largest Face LOL



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