Picture of NERF Sniper Pistol!
I have been 'NERFing' for about 4 months now and I finally got the hang of it. This is my first NERF mod and not the best write up for it so bear with me.

How many times have you bought a nerf gun and were disappointed by the range? I know I was. So I decided to modify the internals to make it work better. the entire thing was pretty cheap(if you already have some of the things), and it makes this thing a beast for NERF wars.

Now, I am sorry to say that I forgot to take pictures of me making the real gun(painted one) but I happened to have another Target Tech pistol(it was a two for one sale lol) so I made the instructable on that, but some stuff I did not have two of, so they differ by some.

WARNING: This modification is very complicated(well some what). This is not for people looking for a easy mod. You need to understand the theory of spring power in NERF guns. If you mess up and break your toy don't spam 'DSman told me to do this and now my gun is broke'.

Step 1: Get your materals!

Picture of Get your materals!
PVC: 3.00 $(10 foot long pipe)
"GOOP" glue: 3.00(I think)(Can you believe that you have to be 18 or older to buy this glue?!!?)
second spring: 6.00?(Depends on were you get the spring, I used one I had lying around, but the one from a NERF Nitefinder would also work)

All that is cheap, expect for the one odd part I used, the fake barrel from the stupid NERF Longshot pistol attachment. You could use coupler CPVC in place of it, that would be cheaper. Unless you really want this thing I would used the CPVC because it would be cheaper(3.00 as apposed to 30.00)

But, if you also want a long shot then I would recommended doing a sidearm integration to it(go to www.Nerfhaven.com to find it), as you will have the barrel left over to use here.

One thing I forgot to add in was the gun! I used a Target Tech. I would go on ebay to get it, as you have to buy it with a NERF Target(hence the name) which makes the gun cost around 20.00$, you could also find a lone pistol from the long shot on ebay for around 6.00 making it cheaper.

If you buy everything from a store including buying the entire long shot it will cost 62.00(not including tax).

If your willing to blow 62.00 on a gun then lets go for it!
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16kuokhc13 years ago
Couldn't you use a nitefinder instead since both guns are very similar
Nerf_nub156 years ago
I cant get the screw out... iv never seen a triangle screw. isit jsut mine or is every1 elses a triangle screw and do you need a special screwdriver?
my screw was philips
there should be a triangular head screw diver cause i have one eh!
lowe Nerf_nub156 years ago
do they even sell triangle screw drivers?
Nerf_nub15 lowe6 years ago
I just found a triangle drill bit... hopefully it will work. As far as i was aware they only used these screws in game consoles but i guess in the target tech. Also i think the difference is that mine is a new one (Blue) and yours is probably one of the original ones (green).
dsman195276 (author)  Nerf_nub156 years ago
my screw was normal, i don't see why yours would be a triangle.
1990cujo4 years ago
you should use clear coat 2 layers and the paint should not come off
dsman195276 (author)  1990cujo4 years ago
I agree, I honestly just messed up on this one. I should have really just spray-painted the entire thing.

James3684 years ago
how do you add the yellow boxes to tell you more
tobydog7894 years ago
$62 on a stupid nerf gun for that you could get a nice airsoft gun so people go get a life and play with airsoft o paintball... or even better a lighter! ps dont listen to me if under 13
Because you are under 13
i agree but, in australia airsoft is banned and paintball is overreacted, u need a gunsafe and a permit for even paintball guns, not that i play nerf or anything
dsman195276 (author)  tobydog7894 years ago
I'm not 13. And I don't find it stupid at all. I find the process of modifying the gun way more satisfyingly and fun then actually using it. If I had a airsoft or paintball gun, I'd never use it. I only play around with these nerf funs inside anyway.

milamber5 years ago
hay 4 all u n00bs using rubber bands try surgical tubing...sooooooooo much better
dsman195276 (author)  milamber5 years ago
 Because we all have surgical tubing laying around our house...
its called being prepared
dsman195276 (author)  bionicleboy3655 years ago
Because surgical tubing comes in handy all the time...

Really, theres not much difference in surgical tubing and rubber bands on a NERF gun because surgical tubing needs a really long pull back for all it's power to be used, which nerf can't provide.
it can provide an exeptional increase in performance so long as it is pre tentioned / tight when the gun is not cocked so that when it is it is more tentioned than the length should otherwise allow
dsman195276 (author)  milamber4 years ago
This is true, having it pretensioned would defeat most of the problem of the length. I'd still say that it wouldn't do much more then a plain rubber band though (Big rubberband, mind you).

Having it pretensioned is also bad for the gun, since the force pushing on the plunger won't stop when the plunger head impacts the front of the gun(The surgical tubing will keep pulling) and the plunger won't rebound as much, causing the front of the gun to absorb more of the impact... I think lol, I'm no physics major :P

We'd have to test to be sure, I don't have any surgical tubing on hand at the moment though. Quite honestly I don't think that with NERF guns tubing Vs. Rubber bands makes such a difference. It's all about pull strength, and I'm sure I could load on enough rubber bands/tubing to cause the gun body to fail lol, and at that point, the tubing/rubber bands are offering the same amount of pull strength.

i have a real nerf sniper other than the gun it DIRT CHEAP! heres a link http://www.instructables.com/id/my-awesome-nerf-pistol-for-snipers/ it shoots BB's by the way or darts.
joey994 years ago
i made a add on for my longshot and now it can shoot knex or mabey bbs, should i post inst.?
No, for two reasons. The first reason is that addons that allow you to do that have been posted. The second is that your comment is entirely off topic and shameless spam.
Hitman2274 years ago
107ft!?!?!?!?!? With a pistol! Most modded RIFLES (nerf) dont even go that far.
Good job.
whats the diameter of the cpvc pipe?
also, is the air ristrictor that thing with the pice of plastic that extends out of it?
dsman195276 (author)  Thejellybellyguy4 years ago
The CPVC is a 1/2 inch. That's usually what's used for stock nerf darts.

As for the air restrictor, goto step 2. The air restrictor is hidden inside the barrel, where the Yellow box is in the first picture. Just pull the barrel apart at that point, and the air restrictor will pop right out.

thanks also, how do you glue the long shot barrel over the cpvc?
dsman195276 (author)  Thejellybellyguy4 years ago
The CPVC should already fit inside the long shot barrel. Just put glue around the CPVC and slide it in side :-)

ok my cpvc is too big, where can i get some
dsman195276 (author)  Thejellybellyguy4 years ago
You can buy CPVC at any hardware store. It will be labeled '1/2' inch CPVC.

you dont need to open the nerf gun you just need to put the rubber band on the cocking mechinisem
dsman195276 (author)  Air_Assassin4 years ago
I do a full barrel replacement in the instructions. That requires the opening of the gun to take out the old barrel, and position the new one. Putting the rubber band on isn't even half of the mod I did. Not to mention, just putting a rubber band on the pin isn't even a Mod.
Oh Thank you Ive never new that
(YOUR N4 years ago
dis gun is an old 1
james44 years ago
my best friend has a nerf gun like this but it only shoots suction darts why plz reply
dsman195276 (author)  james44 years ago
...I don't understand the problem?
i try to put any type of darts in it but then it doesn't shoot maybe because he broke it or something though his mom said ti only took suction darts
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