It's time to pull that NES out of the box in the closet, dust it off, and put it back into commission! Have you been holding onto your system for the last ten years thinking, "Someday I'll find something to do with this!" Well today is that day!

Sure, I loved my Nintendo Entertainment System when I got it back in 1986. Heck! I still get a little emotional when I think of playing games on it. So the prospect of using it in my everyday life, for some of my everyday needs, was quite intriguing.

Since I'm not playing the games nearly as much anymore, I find I have extra components lying around my house that can be turned into tributes to that 8-Bit experience that makes me so nostalgic.

From MP3 Players to Computers, and wallets to home security systems, I hope you find something on this list that suits your goals. Now go, my fellow gamers, and create awesome!