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Introduction: NES Bedding Set

Thank you for checking out our project! As many of you know, my mother and I tried for a short time to remake this bedding set with the intent to start our own business. Fortunately/unfortunately, I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life this past year and have moved to another state! Because of this, my mother and I aren't able to sew together anymore, so it also meant the end of our sewing business and the NES bedding set. We had a great run with it, and I can't thank the community here enough for all the wonderful support we've had!

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My brother has had the same bedding set since the 6th grade. For his birthday this year, my mother and I wanted to create something special and unique that would hopefully last him a while! It was tricky hiding our work from him until the last minute, but the look of surprise on his face was well worth all the effort.



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    How do I buy this?

    you can get it here ...................................................................................................................

    I have made one of these for my son. I'll post the final images soon as well as a link for my etsy when I have an extra. Thanks!

    was an instuctional ever made for this?

    I would pay for the instructions on how to make this. Just let me know how to do that.


    Hello, are there any new NES bedding available for sale >.

    OMG!! that is AWESOME!!! The pillow shams, the comforter, the bed skirt. It's all beautifully designed and perfectly executed. I would love to have a step-by-step on this one. Mario would be proud. (wipes tear) WICKED!

    Is there a pdf on how to make this??

    This is what inspired me :D
    I've recently started making them to sell on my Etsy Shop if anyone is interested.
    Not exactly the same, but it has its upsides! Machine washable, no sewing, long lasting, and durable :D
    Take a look? :)
    There's one like it being sold here!

    i was wondering if I could get the instructions on how to make this this would make a great Christmas present!!! thanks