Picture of NES Belt - DIY Version
This is the DIY version of the NES Controller Belt buckle. Its very easy to do and looks really awesome when its done.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1. NES Controller
2. Scissors
3. Liquid Nails
4. 2 90degree Metal Corner Brackets
5. 1 1" screw
6. Plyers
7. Metal Hanger
8. Hammer
9. Soldering Iron and Solder
10. Belt buckle compatible belt.
Gracie Ann4 years ago
Does any one know where i can get an nes controller?
Try the DI (if you have one near you). Mine had two and I picked one up for $2. Happy hunting
mikesty9 years ago
You sir, are a BAMF, and if anyone looks at you with the "face of geeky disgust" feel free to choke them mercilessly. That's one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Go forth and pwn with that.
Dafishmaster (author)  mikesty9 years ago
thanks dawg. i'm actually not that geeky, just felt like making it, its freakin' awesome. people look at me weird and are like wtf. and I just tell them i'm cool and they stop talking haha.
The Pillows, very nice choice ;)
luigi1123445 years ago
I will admit this is a good idea for the belt buckle but what if you were to just take out the insides of the controller and replace them with some stuffing so that way you don't have to worry about getting rid of a good controller and besides you can still push the buttons and they will stay in  place
how long did this take mine didnt use all the steps u drill 4 holes cut the cord cut 2 peices of clothes hanger
trebuchet039 years ago
Do you have an NES cell phone to match? :P
NES Wallet is whats hot in town
 Love the instructable! i made mine but suck at soldering so i used a bit of tape to cover it so it doesn't scratch the hell out of me or my clothes. Scrounged a couple old Genesis controllers and a GameBoy. Doing the same thing to them. Searching for a SNES controller too. Rammstein for the win!

thumbs up on choice of tunes, nice instructable i did this already but i used an adapted normal belt buckle witha controller. nice easier alternative though
Actually, Pretty nice pictures for a webcam, no dark shots, and i just did something like this with a guitar strap.
Wills427 years ago
Rammstein For the Win... Oh, sorry.. FTW! Great project, will go great with my duct tape belt!
ivan9 years ago
dude i invented that first like at the begining of the year
I'm afraid it was invented by Captain N in 1989....although his also let him stoip time and gave him super speed...
hahaha... yup... i was wondering if this made anyone else think of that show. didn't it also allow for a super-jump of some sort?
craig37 years ago
Is the squire square supposed to be able to move or is it stuck in one position?
Fenwick8 years ago
I know someone who knows someone who took an NES controller and made it into a spinning belt buckle. How would one do this?
with love
and a small motor... and maybe a small 9v or something in the pocket...
darkmuskrat7 years ago
Screw the NES controller, im making a NES CONSOLBELT BUCKLE!!! LOL *runs to evil lair
ayan7 years ago
i like your play list A LOT the nes buckle is relay cool
i am now packing heat
PheZ8 years ago
Well looks cool.
Mix this up with the NES controller/MP3 player mod and you're in bizness.
whoa where do I find this mod you speak of?
Grrr That link is to only a photo of it. From there if you click on the link for it you DO get sent to a translated page, but the NES controller MP3 player is nowhere to be found.
krazy DannyHunt8 years ago
the nes controller mps player is under the section for IPOD mods on this site...just search for it
radiorental9 years ago
NES controller.. the new Altoids tin wait.. has anyone done an altoids buckle??? seriously - very geekworthy - well done - well documented
dude i am so totally doing me 1st on the altoids buxle (if i can use ur idea that is) thx d
Silas9 years ago
I've added this instructable to my new group, NES mod's: http://www.instructables.com/group/nesmods/
I hope you will join.
Shamigo9 years ago
very nice! I have 2 NES controllers but I use my NES a lot (camon...how can someone stop playing Super Mario Bros!!) so I don't want to mess with my controllers...otherwise I do an MP3 case mod!!
andreq9 years ago
The white belt is kinda............anyway
austin9 years ago
your neverrr gonna get laid, but i guess thats natures way of thinning out the geeks.
Dafishmaster (author)  austin9 years ago
umm.. nah, i'm not even geeky. maybe you should stop stereotyping?
Grimling9 years ago
just what i wanted to say :p hheeeyy , I HAVE FOUND A NEW PROJECT :p:p ;-)
Dafishmaster (author) 9 years ago
no, i'm sorry. no cell phone for you. but yeah.