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So after making a life size working Nes controller for my son as a Christmas gift.. I thought he needed a gigantic working Nes

Step 1: Material

Picture of Material

First step was getting the material. I wanted my table lite so I used particleboard

2 sheets of particleboard

1 monetary switch

Random feet of cat5 cable I had

2 random screws I had

3 dark grey can of spray paint

1 quart of custom grey from paint store

1 old Nes system I used for reference

Retro game system bought from amazon

Step 2: Getting Started

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First step was getting measurements. I did this by measuring my NES and picking a number to multiply and get it to scale. I used 4.8

With my number picked I just started measuring the Nes and plotted it on my particleboard. I had home depot cut my two sheets into 2 halves. Made transporting and working a lot easier.

Step 3: Cutting

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Now that I had all my measurements. It was time to get to work. I mostly used a skill-saw jigsaw and a router for all my work.

Step 4: Piecing It Together

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With all my parts cut out it was time to construct the main body

Image one is the main body with out the shelf

Image two is with the shelf

Step 5: Main Retro Components

Picture of Main Retro Components

So now for the fun part.. I purchased a retro Nes for Christmas so my son could enjoy his gigantic Nes controller.

Step 1. Gutting the retro. It's a simple system there's really nothing to it.

Step 2. Soldering a momentary switch to the power button using cat5 cable to extend

Step 3. extending the red light

Step 4. Positioning the components on the main body

Step 5. Making a spring loaded button. this was done by using bolts and springs

Step 6: Detail

Picture of Detail

Now I wish I had done this before I assembled the main body. The hardest part with using the router for the grooves and slats on the top along with the controller detail.

Step 7: Paint

Picture of Paint

One of the easier steps.. I mainly used spray paint cans until I went to my local paint store to match the top lighter grey..

As for the lettering I did a Google search for Nes fonts until I found a matching one. Printed a few different sizes.. Used painters tape under the lettering. Cut out the letters to make stencils and spray painted..


Johnnysshop (author)2017-01-22

Just curious as to what paint colors you used?

sh33p (author)2015-04-07

Love It.

brex1 (author)sh33p2015-10-20

Thank you

brex1 (author)2015-04-18

Thanks sh33p

brex1 (author)2015-04-07

@tomatoskins. Thanks man, not a clean photo I ended up cleaning it up. Tried using rubber bands and didn't work as well so went back to the springs

tomatoskins (author)2015-04-07

I love the spring loaded buttons! I hope to see more awesome retro stuff like this in the future!

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