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Introduction: NES Cartridge External HDD

Hi ,everybody !

(It's my first instructable , and appologizes for my poor english !!)

When i see this two instructables :


i want to do the same think !

First , i want to do this with the gold cartridge of Zelda , but it's was too expensive and when i mean it was a sacrilege !!

i have a Mario Bros/Duck Hunt , so i decide to use it.

I use also for my project a small hard disk (20go) and a USB - IDE cable adapter (4.62 $ at ebay seller "keyhere" ).


Step 1:

For the cartridge , i use a small tool to unscrew and open the box.

in the center of the box , i started to cut the hole for the screw whtih my smalls knifes and i use my dremell to make all flat as possible.

Step 2:

I use this cheaper USB - IDE cable adapter (4.62 $ at ebay seller "keyhere" ) , i open it and i desolder all the connectors (ide 44 pins for hdd 2.5 , ide 40 pins for hdd3.5 and sata).

I wire one by on , the usb adapter and the 44 pins connector , i use for this a old ruban cable for floppy drive.

To solder , i use this excredible solder paste (dealextreme, sku 4711 , only 3.57$) .

You put the wire in the paste and when you touch with the solder iron , you have à solder !

Step 3:

When all the wires are solder , i use my hot glue gun , to fix the wires in a steady position ,

I solder the mini usb , i use again the hot glue gun .

I cut a small piece of plastic , i screw a screw ( was shortened)for obstruct the middle hole (and also for the small detail ...) , i fix the plastic with the screw inside.

I put the original game ,

I put all in the nes box , i fix the mini usb by the hot glue gun (again and again!!)

Step 4:

I close the Nes cartridge and......

This is my Nes Cartridge External HDD !!!

And it's still playable !!

For the Nes icon , i made an .ico with znsoft icon maker , i create an .inf file with this inside :

icon=2.ico                              (2 was the name of the icon)

 i put the two on the root of the nes hdd .

That's all for my first instructable!

I hope you love it , and i thanks all of you to read me !

Bye , perhaps a another instructable .......



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     fredlb, how did you connect your hard drives internal power to the mini usb out? What kind of hard drive are you using?

    I use a 2.5 HDD  , who have power connectors directly on the 44 pin interface.
    Thanks for your attention.

     Ok thanks, that's what I figured.  I found a guy selling some 80 GB drives cheap, I might buy a few and "try" this :)

    On the other hand, it seems 2.5" IDE HDD's are pretty expensive, it's almost more cost effective to buy a pre-built seagate/WD mini external.  I guess this project like most instructables is purely for the "cool factor" and asthetic value!

    Definately going to make a couple of these, for myself and some friends.  I have the original gold zelda catridge and the zelda 2 ones, can't wait!  Thanks for your reply.

    lol i wouldn't hack apart an original gold zelda cartridge, they go for $100 on ebay.

    Where did you get the female mini usb component?

    in my local electronic parts store .

    how heavy is it?

    approximately 210g ( 7.4 oz) ; including the plastic protection.

    Classic game cartridges look like a lot of fun to hack....  Hmmmm.... I wonder if I could find other uses for them...

    Please give anothers ideas for the Nes Cardridge !!