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Introduction: NES Cartridge External HDD

Hi ,everybody !

(It's my first instructable , and appologizes for my poor english !!)

When i see this two instructables :


i want to do the same think !

First , i want to do this with the gold cartridge of Zelda , but it's was too expensive and when i mean it was a sacrilege !!

i have a Mario Bros/Duck Hunt , so i decide to use it.

I use also for my project a small hard disk (20go) and a USB - IDE cable adapter (4.62 $ at ebay seller "keyhere" ).


Step 1:

For the cartridge , i use a small tool to unscrew and open the box.

in the center of the box , i started to cut the hole for the screw whtih my smalls knifes and i use my dremell to make all flat as possible.

Step 2:

I use this cheaper USB - IDE cable adapter (4.62 $ at ebay seller "keyhere" ) , i open it and i desolder all the connectors (ide 44 pins for hdd 2.5 , ide 40 pins for hdd3.5 and sata).

I wire one by on , the usb adapter and the 44 pins connector , i use for this a old ruban cable for floppy drive.

To solder , i use this excredible solder paste (dealextreme, sku 4711 , only 3.57$) .

You put the wire in the paste and when you touch with the solder iron , you have à solder !

Step 3:

When all the wires are solder , i use my hot glue gun , to fix the wires in a steady position ,

I solder the mini usb , i use again the hot glue gun .

I cut a small piece of plastic , i screw a screw ( was shortened)for obstruct the middle hole (and also for the small detail ...) , i fix the plastic with the screw inside.

I put the original game ,

I put all in the nes box , i fix the mini usb by the hot glue gun (again and again!!)

Step 4:

I close the Nes cartridge and......

This is my Nes Cartridge External HDD !!!

And it's still playable !!

For the Nes icon , i made an .ico with znsoft icon maker , i create an .inf file with this inside :

icon=2.ico                              (2 was the name of the icon)

 i put the two on the root of the nes hdd .

That's all for my first instructable!

I hope you love it , and i thanks all of you to read me !

Bye , perhaps a another instructable .......



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     fredlb, how did you connect your hard drives internal power to the mini usb out? What kind of hard drive are you using?

    3 replies

    I use a 2.5 HDD  , who have power connectors directly on the 44 pin interface.
    Thanks for your attention.

     Ok thanks, that's what I figured.  I found a guy selling some 80 GB drives cheap, I might buy a few and "try" this :)

    On the other hand, it seems 2.5" IDE HDD's are pretty expensive, it's almost more cost effective to buy a pre-built seagate/WD mini external.  I guess this project like most instructables is purely for the "cool factor" and asthetic value!

    Definately going to make a couple of these, for myself and some friends.  I have the original gold zelda catridge and the zelda 2 ones, can't wait!  Thanks for your reply.

    lol i wouldn't hack apart an original gold zelda cartridge, they go for $100 on ebay.

    Where did you get the female mini usb component?

    1 reply

    in my local electronic parts store .

    approximately 210g ( 7.4 oz) ; including the plastic protection.

    Classic game cartridges look like a lot of fun to hack....  Hmmmm.... I wonder if I could find other uses for them...

    2 replies

    Please give anothers ideas for the Nes Cardridge !!

     How about an NES cartridge e-book reader?  I'm sure it could be done if you could find a small enough LCD screen.  I can't imagine the circuitry in those things is very large or complex at all.

    Or what about an NES cartridge carrying case for small coins and other objects.  Gut the case, cut off one of the edges, attach some form of hinge, and there you go....

    One last idea... this one is kind of far fetched but I can't think of anything cooler... NES cartridge cell phone anybody?

    You did well on the soldering, but wouldn't have got the thing in there with a standard ribbon on it - I'm impressed.


    2 replies

    Thanks to you , but for the soldering , it's not all my experience.
    With my solder paste , i do all my jobs wells !! ( no pub !!!)
    For the ribbon , sorry , i don't understand ......

    I meant that modifying the ribbon cable was a necessity, I am impressed with the technical skill involved.


    Very nicely done.  I really like the fact that the cartridge is still playable.  Good work!

    1 reply

    Thanks !
    For my project , the number one is : keep the nes cardridge alive !!