Picture of NES Cartridge Wireless Router
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The goal of this Instructable is to create your own wireless router using an NES cartridge housing. 

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! We sincerely appreciate it. We never thought it would get this much publicity! Check back often for more innovative and original posts brought to you by Unconventional Hacker. 

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

NES Game Cartridge
(Preferably a very common game)

Belkin Wireless G Router
Model: F5D7230-4

Gamebit (3.8mm) or Flathead Screwdriver
Dependent on cartridge type 

Soldering Iron
Low-heat soldering iron is recommended


Thin Wire

Razor Blade

Desoldering Iron (Optional)

Desoldering Braid (Optional)

Pliers (Optional)

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Well, it probably wouldn't fit in a SNES cartridge, and it wouldn't look like much if it was hiding in a NES console.
I got the machines mixed up. Been a while since I have actually seen one or the other.
WELL SORRY!!!! Honest Mistake....
bapae4 years ago
Don't you think that the router is going to get really hot in that little case?
Arathefu bapae4 years ago
It didn't got hot in the first place, so it won't overheat in new housing.
Really cool project :)
UnconventionalHacker (author)  Arathefu4 years ago
tomtortoise4 years ago
Airsoft sniper + scope + projector and screen + Duck Hunt + duct tape = EPIC!!!!! (Note projector can be replaced by an Imax screen and sniper can be replaced by a shotgun for skeet shootin or because you can)
suboxygen4 years ago
sweet man! love it :D
UnconventionalHacker (author)  suboxygen4 years ago
Thanks! Make sure and follow us on Twitter for updates on blog posts!
staalwart4 years ago
"Computer Series"! LOL!
UnconventionalHacker (author)  staalwart4 years ago
liera214 years ago
"NES Cartridge Wireless Router"... certainly unconventional. That's it.

Very good instructable, tho. :)
UnconventionalHacker (author)  liera214 years ago
Thank you.
Great :D if i ever get a broken nes game i'll remember this.
tcwota4 years ago
I don't understand / see where the antenna goes.
UnconventionalHacker (author)  tcwota4 years ago
The antenna is lined along the casing. It is still effective in sending out a signal, too!
Can't tell from the photos, but possible to drill a hole into NES cartridge casing to attach router's antenna to board?
UnconventionalHacker (author)  tcwota4 years ago
It is very possible.
LooOoOoOVe it!
tesinopolis4 years ago
--also, if the router stops working, can I use the "blow-the-cartridge-through-the-t-shirt" trick? ;) I can't wait to do this, awesome post! thank you!
Haha, definitely!

And thank you for checking it out!
Skwalin4 years ago
I'm sorry, but what exactly does it do?
Is this simply a wireless router?
You plug it into your NES, which powers the router, so you can connect two computers together?

I thought for a second you could load games onto the cartridge wirelessly, and be able to change the game on the fly.

I guess you would need one of those hacked DEV cartridges to do something like that.
UnconventionalHacker (author)  Skwalin4 years ago
Yes, it is a wireless router. You don't plug it into your NES, though. It plugs up through an A/C adapter and it begins sending out the wireless signal (the antenna is lined around the inside of the casing). Then, you can also connect devices via ethernet cable to the front.
Dy7lan4 years ago
Absolutely Brilliant... or should I say radical!!!
UnconventionalHacker (author)  Dy7lan4 years ago
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