NES Chocolate Bar





Introduction: NES Chocolate Bar

The video will explain what needs to be done.


1. Buy oomoo 30

2. Buy some stirring sticks and plastic cups

3. Buy or make a simple box to pour the oomoo 30 in

4. Buy double stick tape

5. Buy a NES controller

6. Buy your favorite type of chocolate. We used Hershey milk chocolate


1. Take the double side tape and stick it to the bottom of the box with the NES controller attracted to it.

2. Pour the blue and yellow containers of oomoo in separate cups. Make sure they are filled at the same height.

3. Pour the two cups into a single cup and mix well.

4. Pour the single mixture over the NES controller making sure it's completely covered and let it sit for 24 hours.

5. After 24 hours you can remove the mold and start using it.

1. Melt the chocolate

2. Pour the chocolate into the mold

3. Put mold into freezer until chocolate is hard

4. Remove the chocolate from the mold and have a cool chocolate bar.

The mold used in this instructable has been used a lot and is now showing signs of wear.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Do you have a photo of the finished chocolate bar? I would love to see it!

Yep, this instructable isn't done yet and is still being updated.

Apologies for the delay.