The final frontier of NES Controller Mods:

The NES Controller Cellphone.

UPDATE 6/9/11:
Hey everyone. Wow, I'm still surprised at home much attention this project gets.
Unfortunately, I don't get to check instructables like, at all. SO if you need to contact me, please
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I've managed to squeeze a Motorola C168 into the tiny compartment that is the NES Controller.

Yes. I know. Amazing.

I got the idea while at the local Play N Trade. I saw the controller on the rack, and immediately said: "That would make a great cell phone!"

And so I did it!

I started the taking apart of the phone yesterday at around 3PM. I then woke up at 2AM, and worked from 3AM to 11AM. If you pay attention to the lighting of the pictures, you can actually see the transition of night to day. The finished phone was taken this morning, and the taken apart phone was taken yesterday afternoon. All the dremeling was done in the basement in the early morning, until the late morning.

I'd like to thank all my friends who supported the idea, and the Play N Trade who had the controller to mod!

P.S. In all fairness, and to give props where they are do, it was actually Sam Garfield who first made the NES Controller Cellphone. However, it was still my own personal idea to begin with. I did not use Sam Garfield's DIY to make this phone. This phone is a product of my own imagination.

Step 1: Materials Used

The Materials I used were:

- 1 Motorola C168 GoPhone
- 1 NES Controller
- 1 Dremel with assorted bits.
- 1 Screwdriver with assorted small screws. Must include a TorxTorx T4 size.
- 1 Roll of Tape
- 1 Pair of Goggles
- 1 Pair of Pliers

The Motorola C168 GoPhone is the perfect phone for this project. Because of its price, size, and one little secret the Cingular doesn't want you knowing.

You see, the GoPhone is cheap because of the plan that comes with it. They expect you to use that plan, and they get a profit. However, if you Already have a Cingular plan, you can actually use Your SIM card in the phone instead of the one that they provide. I actually asked the local Radio Shack if my SIM would work in the phone, and the woman said

"Yes, it Does work; but because you told us you were going to do that, we cannot sell you this phone, because that is fraud. You're going to have to go to another Radio Shack now."

I don't like that woman.

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