Picture of NES Controller Cellphone
The final frontier of NES Controller Mods:

The NES Controller Cellphone.

UPDATE 6/9/11:
Hey everyone. Wow, I'm still surprised at home much attention this project gets.
Unfortunately, I don't get to check instructables like, at all. SO if you need to contact me, please
hit up my tumblr: tamsanh.tumblr.com

I've managed to squeeze a Motorola C168 into the tiny compartment that is the NES Controller.

Yes. I know. Amazing.

I got the idea while at the local Play N Trade. I saw the controller on the rack, and immediately said: "That would make a great cell phone!"

And so I did it!

I started the taking apart of the phone yesterday at around 3PM. I then woke up at 2AM, and worked from 3AM to 11AM. If you pay attention to the lighting of the pictures, you can actually see the transition of night to day. The finished phone was taken this morning, and the taken apart phone was taken yesterday afternoon. All the dremeling was done in the basement in the early morning, until the late morning.

I'd like to thank all my friends who supported the idea, and the Play N Trade who had the controller to mod!

P.S. In all fairness, and to give props where they are do, it was actually Sam Garfield who first made the NES Controller Cellphone. However, it was still my own personal idea to begin with. I did not use Sam Garfield's DIY to make this phone. This phone is a product of my own imagination.
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I love it but it's a bit bolky for nowa-days but i would walk around with that thing 2 my ear any-day!!
lllshreelll3 years ago
HEy ! I have made a similar phone! I had to change the title to Another game controller mod. hah! nice job!
kemp1010103 years ago
These poor NES controllers....

thy do there custom tho expensive only differences is orgnil or new
jtewell4 years ago
Even Anne Frank knows that's funny.
dxjoshua4 years ago
"I don't like that woman."
maltmaker6 years ago
hey, i like it, i was thinking about doing this with my phone, but it happens to be a touch screen and im not sure, what do you think?
Actually, you might be able to pull it off by cutting a hole in the back of the controller and just putting the phone inside.
omg dont b dumb. this is an amazing project but theres a reason he bought a cheap Go Phone...
crippler984 years ago
DUDE! 15 out of 5! lmao
raith20064 years ago
nice concept, would have gotten extra style points for having the headphone jack come out of the old cord location, even more if the controller still worked even as a usb controller.
conor1237775 years ago
OK I'm sorry to say but this project is completely pointless it doesn't even retain any noticeable NES controller physical properties I'm sorry but you sir get a 0.5
doesn't even retain any noticeable NES controller physical properties? the cell phone is on the back of the controller genius....
LOL, yea verily.
FFVIIBOY5 years ago
It would be so funny if a teacher caught you with this during school and you just said oh this is just a controller, that would be awesome :D
Herr Oculus5 years ago
After 12h of work, I finally finished my Nokia 1680 Classic Version of this mod. Now I'm tired, my hands are hurting and I need a lot of sleep.

I will upload pictures and a video later.

PS: Thank you for this tutorial… it was very useful to me.

Greetings from Germany,


conor1237775 years ago
lol "i dont like that woman"
donaoh6 years ago
God i just love nintendo stuff. What are the dimensions of the joypad/controls?
Porkerlol6 years ago
That would also be 8 times bigger than a thumb drive.
frenzy6 years ago
anne frank? i think you mean helen keller
its a joke. he knows its helen keller... its on some tv show... they say anne frank but mean helen keller and fight about it or something. its like saturday night live or the office or something like that... one of those goofy shows
it was clerk II not a tv show
Someone please tell me how to do this for my Motorola C139. It looks sweet!
curecreator6 years ago
he better mean helen keller or he shouldn't have used that phrase
wow i got that same phone so it will be easier for me to make it
laceyj12046 years ago
I think it's an awesome idea...and if my darling fiance wouldn't kill me I'd do this (or something like it) to our phone. Well, maybe not. Ours is a flip phone so I don't think it'd work...oh well...still a nice idea. Maybe I could do the remote to the stereo in the truck?? Hmmm...
matbh6 years ago
simply amazing!!!!!! i love game stuff.... ur genious!
hernanai6 years ago
*gasps* "Why?!" *Points* *Drools* "Awesomeness...."
sortedbob6 years ago
wicked need a dremel now ;-)
jackfr0st8 years ago
anne frank was the jew, molly brown was the blind deaf one
clone jackfr0st8 years ago
Molly Brown was a Titanic survivor. The proper reference is Hellen Keller.
Yeah, pretty sure you wanted to cite Helen Keller. Anne Frank was the Jew who kept a diary. I'm pretty sure she didn't go blind.
Neodudeman (author)  saites20018 years ago
No, I'm positive that it was Anne Frank. I thought Hellen Keller was the one who flew over the Atlantic.
That's Amelia Earhart. I'd like to see Helen Keller try to fly over the Atlantic...
Amelia Earhart's the one that ate her baby.
No, that was Charles Lindburgh.
Neodudeman (author)  nancypants8 years ago
Charles Lindburgh? The Jew?
History lesson in a nes-controller?
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