Step 9: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches
8 Hours later, the rig was set. Now there were just a few things that needed to be taken care of.

I needed the thing to stop shifting around, so I put a bit of tape in. Then I screwed the top screws in, taped the bottom, and Voila! A brand new, geeky Cell Phone for me! If this doesn't make me Alpha Geek, I don't know what will.

What I'm most worried about is the screen. Because it's the raw LCD screen, it's much more sensitive than a cell phone faceplate. As a temporary protection from scratches and dust, I used some tape again.

Also, the little Keypad squiggle is prone to getting caught on my pant pocket, and threatens to rip itself off, which would make me cry, because I worked on that little squiggle the most; so I put some tape on it as well. Tape is so amazing.

I love it quite a lot. It sounds great, looks great, and it's got a tone maker, and I made myself a little Mario ring tone, lol. I'm so happy with it.

Thanks for reading!
raith20064 years ago
nice concept, would have gotten extra style points for having the headphone jack come out of the old cord location, even more if the controller still worked even as a usb controller.
Herr Oculus5 years ago
After 12h of work, I finally finished my Nokia 1680 Classic Version of this mod. Now I'm tired, my hands are hurting and I need a lot of sleep.

I will upload pictures and a video later.

PS: Thank you for this tutorial… it was very useful to me.

Greetings from Germany,


conor1237775 years ago
OK I'm sorry to say but this project is completely pointless it doesn't even retain any noticeable NES controller physical properties I'm sorry but you sir get a 0.5
Porkerlol6 years ago
That would also be 8 times bigger than a thumb drive.
maltmaker6 years ago
hey, i like it, i was thinking about doing this with my phone, but it happens to be a touch screen and im not sure, what do you think?
chris_west7 years ago
would you mind sharing your mario melody ring tone? i can never find one or make one right.
And you just had to top it off with a Super Mario Bros ringtone. Awesome!
Grey_Wolfe8 years ago
You could cut the screen plate out of the original face plate and epoxy it to the controler case. Cut to fit so it won't stick out, of course. Then you'll have the necessary protection for your screen.