What do I do with my old broken NES controller!!!!!??????

This is a great way to spruce up your dull flash drive and fool your friends into thinking that you re-wired your controller for storage. Note- If you can't stand taking apart a piece of Nintendo history this is not for you.

Step 1: This Is What You Need

You need a few things to do this project. The good thing is that there is no soldering or cutting involved.

Materials that you need-

1- a NES controller, ( hopefully one that is beyond repair and you were going to throw it away) If not you can usually find some at a Goodwill (which is where I found mine) or a thrift store.

2- a small USB flash drive. It needs to be small and skinny so it will fit inside the controller ( I'm not sure the brand of mine because i found it in the dryer at my apartments ( and it still works after two years!)

3- a USB extension cable. I used a short one but you can use any kind you want as long as the female end when attached to the drive fits inside the space in the controller. Mine came with a SD card reader and I never used the cable with it.

4- a NERF dart (or firm foam) I'll explain why you need this later.


5- a screw driver with a head small enough to fit in the holes in the controller.

I found it easier to use a hacksaw to cut down the electronic board so that it only covered the buttons and d-pad.
I made mine, I would have a feeling of something getting accomplished, but I don't.
Oops, I mean't to say, "I thought I would have a feeling of something getting accomplished, but I don't. :-("
<p>thankes i just made me&nbsp; but the way i made it i just swapped the usb flash drive and the connector around</p>
very ironic......just wanted to note this has been done<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/NES-controller-Flash-Drive-USB/">https://www.instructables.com/id/NES-controller-Flash-Drive-USB/</a><br/>
thats not ironic
I made one but I ran the cord over the buttons instead of the dart
i tried your autorun program, and it didnt work. however, ive found that this should work with windows xp using the procedure described above. this is the text that worked for me.<br/><br/>[autorun]icon=INSERTFILENAMEHERE.ico<br/><br/>this doesnt seem to work for .png files, as it gives me a broken image icon when i plug my usb device in. as i said earlier, use the procedure in the instructable, and as i said earlier, nice 'ible.<br/>
oh, and the autorun is meant to be in square brackets
the word "autorun" that is
damnit. you beat me to it. i've been meaning to do this project exactly like this for months, but with tight money problems and and failure to find a NES controller, I failed. Kudos, looks great!
nice 'ible. where did you get the icons, and can you put them up on this 'ible. thanks

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