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Introduction: NES Controller USB Stick

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I was inspired by a conversation on the Lego USB Stick Page!

This isn't very hard. It took 10 minutes! (Not including buying stuff)! Easy, fun and a little nerdy!!!

(Use this method if you wish to save the electronics, can do this or the alternative method in the related section!)

Step 1: Get Stuff!!!

USB Stick
NES Controller
Knife (I used an X-acto Knife)
File (Recommended)
Cardboard (Optional)
Heavy Duty Glue (Optional)
Lanyard (Optional)
Cool Music (I suggest "Technologic" by Daft Punk)

I bought the USB Stick at Micro Center. Best Buy, Office Depot and Circuit City have them. Mine is 8 GB, any size will do.

The Controller can be found at a garage sale (parents can be soooo cruel!) or you might have one you don't need (Super Mario Bros. 2 player mode only needs one controller!). My dad used his eBay to buy mine.

Step 2: Disassembly.

You'll need to remove backing with a screwdriver (there are six screws on OFFICIAL NES controllers.) Then take out the "electronics". It comes out easily.

Now, if you want the buttons to be "pushable" leave the padding there. I recommend this. Unless you want to house 2 USB Sticks.

Step 3: Cut Hole for USB

To cut a hole the size is the same. (The U doesn't stand for universal because it sounds cool)

I cut the side so it would stick out (and wouldn't put the buttons in a "solid state"). I measured with a Sharpie and my dad cut it with an X-acto knife. Then we filed the excess off.

Step 4: Set in USB and Other Stuff-ums

I used a Glue gun to stick it in, rubber cement works too. As long as it is a Heavy Duty Glue.

You may need to file stuff to make a spot or just position it right. The I put pieces of cardboard to act as a cushion so the buttons can still be pressed.

Step 5: Screw Back On

This may be a little weird. The back won't go in easy but it will click and then work fine. Screw tightly so the USB and cardboard won't move out of place (USB should stay with the glue)

If you want to be a SUPAH-GEEK you can slip a lanyard where the cord would come out. I didn't like it for me but others might.

Step 6: The End of a 10 Minute Nerd-fest

Done. I go around and put stuff on it. I found some Icons and named it!

I am making a Giant Controller Next...

I also might make a DVD Player...

Look for more to come! I love Vintage stuff, so look for that mostly!



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     i like how the nes controller just jets off the back side of the iMac haha

    iv done almost the same thing, except thru the cable cord i ran a usb extendor and jus kinda shoved the usb in after cutting the board to let it fit. its hilarious to c ppl expression whn they c a controller plugged into a pc

     sir this is disappointing .. i though  u convert it into usb joystick.......

    well good work lolzz..


    I got the same screw driver set but currently the lid is holding the y screws from my gba

    can u still use the nes by putting the electronics back

    This is sweet. now ill have stuff to do in school!

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. When you post something that's been done before, that's fine, but admit it, and put in a link to it. It's right there in the related section.

    4 replies

    Two things. 1. Didn't know that existed. Don't be so critical. 2. Mine is different and done way differently.

    1) That's what search is for. 2) That's great. That's why I said that it's OK to post different methods. If yours is different, that makes it a great addition to

    1. I think my method is good for saving the electronics 2. I was ecstatic aboot making it that I had to post. 3. Nothing says "smarty pants" quite like numbered lists, eh?

    1) Now we're all smarty pants! 2) ??? 3) PROFIT!

    Dude i have an NES but its to precious to take the controller apart. but anyways the idea u have is SICK!!!!!!

    Very cool, I thought his son did a pretty good job when Led Zeppelin played in London last year..