First of i started with a old Nes controller thenand a nokia 2700
First i took apart the controller all you need to keep is the buttons the rest i dont need, then take phone apart screen buttons case etc

Step 1: Reomve Insides

the insides of the cover have to be reomved i did this with a hot knife  , then i also cut a hole in the back cover for the phone cover also using a hot knife , after you have to sand down the edges

Step 2: Filling and Smothing

i used car body filler to attach phone cover to nes controller, it takes a bit of time and sanding  but you get a nice look

Step 3: Test Fit

next i test fitted the rest of phone parts to make sure the look right
i will paint next and build controller but i will have to wait till next week will post more updates soon
<p>what happened with the updates?</p>
Hey i made a similar one! wow i never knew there were somany nes-phone projects!
hi im Raul and i liked your tutorial but im afraid i need more info abaut this control cell <br>

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