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How to turn a NES Zapper into a real laser pistol. After seeing Fun With Lasers by Stephanie Maks, I got inspired when playing Duck Hunt so here is my little project.This isn't a difficult project as long as you know some of the basics of soldering. Please be extremely careful, this laser is dangerous. This is my first instructable so I'll try my best.

Disclaimer: CAUTION! As you know...lasers can be dangerous. Never point them at any living object!T his is not a toy, and this should not be used like a conventional laser pointer. In other words, don't use it in presentations, or to play with pets, or allow children to use it. It should only be operated by responsible persons who understand and respect the potential laser safety hazards.

Step 1: What we need-

Picture of What we need-
push button.jpg
1) Hacked DVD laser from Fun With Lasers

2) NES Zapper

3) CR2 camera battery or comparable battery

4) Momentary Push button

5) Some extra wire, wire cutters, soldering tools, screwdrivers

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Maniac12124 months ago

Got a Zapper for free at garage sale. I dont think they even knew what it was!

ArtTech867 months ago

I love this and plan on making it soon once I'm able to get a working laser diode. I have a bunch of them but none seem to be working for me at the moment. The main reason I'm commenting other than to tell you what a great instructable this is, that the link to Fun With Lasers is sending me to a wiccan site called felesmagus. Not sure if you are aware of that or if I seem to missing something. Anyways, thank you.

devicemodder made it!9 months ago

I made one that runs off usb and has a 5mw green laser.

It's been a wile since the last conment, but does any one know where to get a laser assembly like this? the fun with laser link seems to be out of date.

My attempt is coming on nicely: waiting on a key switch on/off as a safety and a CR02 battery holder

can I use this diode........http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pcs-808nm-CW-300mW-High-Power-Burning-Infrared-Laser-Diode-Module-DIY-Lab-New-/290740097804?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43b175d30c
hmm. sure thats cool but i need a nes pistol, plus 1 to keep :-P. Idk i think finding one of these may be a little pricey (a lil.) so mabe use something els, like mabe a cheap airsoft pistol instead of the nes pistol?
naw man, these things are dirt cheap, i got one in really good condition for 4 bucks
Late reply! Ebay
just go to a pawnshop,game store or a yard sale they shouldnt cost too much after all they are pretty old.
yeah. just one thing about old awesome things, is the quantity of working things is limited, but lol i could probably find a couple :-)
You could also get a nes zapper from jjgames.com for $6, with shipping and handeling, it will be like $11.
I just got a couple from eBay so I can do this. There are hundreds of them for sale there for about $10 including S/H. I'm going to use a green laser pointer so that I can use it for presentations. Good luck,
red would match the nes color scheme better.
ok. thx
you could use a paper one fromhere
put an extra barrel on top of gun w/ laser inside then it will have an airsoft gun and a burning laser. ):D
Hi this instructable was very easy to follow thx!!!! :P
builderkidj4 years ago
I wish I had a zapper.
t3hkender4 years ago
The obvious progression from this is to do the same project using a Super Scope... And MULTIPLE LASERS. Bwahahahaha.
any one who says this isn't in the caegory of people he described
thalass4 years ago
Awesome! It'd be great with a fancy blu-ray burner laser diode.
frawg967 years ago
how do you make the laser burn stuff? :D
read the Instructable lol :D
Late reply lol :D
even later reply to that lol :D
Darkeru (author)  frawg967 years ago
you need a high power laser and a lens to help focus the beam.
floryzzz5 years ago
Realy cool
Maybe you can ad a sound effect?
dragoon26815 years ago
 nice this is a great idea
noler5 years ago
do you just need the diode module and the diode? cuz it looks like that from the picture or do you need the whole DVD laser?
Colonel885 years ago
the "Fun with Lasers" thing doesnt say how to extract lasers
mokojean6 years ago
could this project instructable be used for the same for a LED light instead of a laser?
Darkeru (author) 7 years ago
Please people, if you like this design and duplicate it at least try to mention this instructable. Thank you
I'm working on a Laser Pistol made from a broken airsoft gun. You say it needs the diode from the burner drive, right? My friend stiffed me, then, when he gave me a reader. Crap! Now I gotta buy a bloody burner.
cantrell86 years ago
Will this work with any DVD player?
Will it also work with a mouse to?
mouse laser? no, it's just a bright led, not powerful enough
any DVD burner laser should work
have you tried mirroring the barrel to get it to burn more stuff?
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