NES Controller Flash Drive USB





Introduction: NES Controller Flash Drive USB

This is an easy way of transforming a Nes controller into a handy flash drive. NO SOLDERING INVOLVED!!

(This is our first Instructable so images and instructions maybe amateur!)

We have re-done this instructable with better pictures, so i hope you can understand our instructables easier!!!

Step 1: Step 1

This is the first step, where you take the controller apart with a screw driver and cut a few plastic separators off if there are not necessary. In this picture we have cut the cross-hair top left rubber off so it provides more room for the USB extension. Also I have cut the plastic part next to the wire exit hole so I can fit the wire in easily!!

Step 2: Step 2 - the Back Panel

This is the back panel off the NES controller, just chop the top middle and the top right screw guidence plastic so the USB flash drive can fit easily.

Step 3: Step 3 - Modifing the Curcuit Board

Eventhought this sounds difficult, it simply isn't. All that is needed is just get the area which the 'female' part of the USB extention lead fits with the flash drive, and cut! make sure that the screw holes are still there so you can screw it back together and the button features are there also, this is only so the buttons are pressable. [BEWARE, THE CURCUIT BOARD IS VERY BRITTLE, TRUST ME - I HAVE BROKEN A FEW!!]

Step 4: Step 4 - Adding the Flash Drive and Extention Lead

This is the most crucial part of the whole procedure. Screw the casing off the flash drive and connect it to the female part of the USB lead. Next you need to place it carefully into the NES casing, and making sure that all of the unnecessary plastic poles and features are gone so you can easily fit in the flash drive. Some modification (i.e cutting) is required to the NES so it can fit well. After that curve the extension lead around the separators and place through the lead hole at the top right of the NES case.

Step 5: Step 5 - Adding the Curcuit Board

This is the part where you add the circuit board that you previously modified. Carefully align the board with the screw holes and so the female part of the extension will fit nicely!! [The whole reason why we include the circuit board is that the buttons will still be pressable!!!]

Step 6: Step 6 - Finishing

This step requires you to screw back the back panel of the NES controller. This is quite tricky but just get the screw holes lined up and make sure that you screw the diagonal screws in first so it is easier to screw the rest without the panel popping off!



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    i just did it my self with an snes controller it pretty great

    So the controller is not useable. Still a tasteful flash drive though.

    i prefer the usb nes controller where you are able to use it to play games on the pc/laptop or any other usb device and also being able to control it somewhat like a remote control this usb flash drive is not too fancy but quite nice though how ever wouldn't be a pain to carry?

    Hehe Combine this with the USB controller mod for a flash drive/controller combo!

    i dont understand this step...

    I built this with a 4gig sandisk flash, and a 3ft cable (too long i kno) but i had the original intention on trying the idea for converting it to a controller and usb key. but i failed 2 do the research and ended up with this. thanks a lot bro!


    That is totally awesome!!!!

    i have a nes controller belt buckle and im going to add this but so i dont have to have the cable always on


    but, why not let the original circuit board, and convert is to usb, so when you plug it, you have a nes controller(for emulator) and your usb key?

    9 replies

    Well, we could but thats a totally different idea, and it includes clever soldering and more dweeby technical stuff which we havent learnt yet! But we'd like to tho! thanks for the inspiration!!


    in the top left side of the nes controller, there is some freespace where these tiny 512mb 5$ usb key would fit.. Can I know, "WE". who are you? you and your wife, you and your friend,..?

    It would be cool to put another USB stick in the controller. We are hoping to put a bigger one in when we find one. We may put two USB sticks in each of the handles of the original Playstation controller (no analgoue sticks) but this would not be as cool and retro. Oh, and its me and my buddy.

    That is so cool, and so small! Do you think they would post to England? I cannot find it on any sites that I know would post to me :(


    contact them, i guess they ship worldwide

    they have a drive that's as big as your thumb finger nail for like $25.

    i think you can get it at best buy or something also

    I am not too sure. I guess around 15cm-20cm. If you are planning to make your own NES controller USB flash drive, it does not really matter how long the cable is. We originally made it with a longer USB cable, but it was too long. Hope this helped :)