Step 3: Let the build commence!

Picture of Let the build commence!
There's 3 colours on a NES controller...

Black - Oak
Grey - Maple
Red - Mahogany

I was thinking of using walnut for the black bits...but I really like oak!

First up I went to my local timber yard and selected some nice bits of oak, and got a few maple & mahogany offcuts too.

I cut the oak roughly to size, and fed it to my planer/thicknesser until I had some nice square bits of wood.

Then I glued it together using "Resintite" wood glue (kinda like Urea-formaldehyde adhesive), and plenty of clamps.

When dry the glue got scraped off and I had a good go at it with a belt sander.

Not pictured here...but I got some glass cut at this stage for the top (as I didn't trust them to cut it accurately enough later). Then I cut the oak panel to match the glass.